The Massarenes

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(2.6 stars; 4 reviews)

The last novel by British author Ouida. It is a satirical look at societal norms through the story of the nouveau riche Massarenes. They attempt to gain the upper echelons of society with the aid of the scheming Lady Kenilworth. It is a lurid celebration of eccentricity and excess. - Summary by Lynne T (20 hr 57 min)


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Altogether good book that could have used a better lector

(3.5 stars)

The book is quite well written, mostly entertaining and has some interesting characters. There are flaws. The arrogant classism of all the characters, even the 'noble' and moral ones is often rather repelling. Generally, the 'moral' characters are ridicolously noble but not really likeable. Especially in the end there is too much moralizing. Another thing: The book is often extremely repetetive. The same things are said over and over, just differently phrased. It often felt like an essay in the humanities where a certain number of words is required. Some strict shortening would have made IT a much better book. Still, all in all it's not bad and mostly enjoyed it. Also, all the readers do a good job, some are excellent. So for anyone who has some time and patience and likes this kind of society novel I can recommend it.

(1 stars)

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(5 stars)

rating is for the readers who all did excellent work w this!