Ronicky Doone

Read by Rowdy Delaney

(4.5 stars; 318 reviews)

Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944), is best known today for his western fiction. Faust was born in Seattle, Washington and at an early age moved with his parents to the San Joaquin Valley in California where he worked as a ranch hand. After a failed attempt to enlist in the Great War in 1917 and with the help of Mark Twain's sister he met Robert Hobart Davis, editor of All-Story Weekly and became a regular contributor, writing under his most used pseudonym “Max Brand”. He wrote in many genres during his career and produced more than 300 western novels and stories. His most famous characters were Destry and Dr. Kildare, both of which were produced in film. Faust was killed in Italy in 1944 as a front line war correspondent at the age of 51. He is buried in the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy.

Ronicky Doone (1926) is a hero of the west, respected by the law-abiding citizen and hated by bushwhacking bandits. Bill Gregg is a man in love, not about to be deflected from meeting his lady love for the first time, and willing to stand up to the living legend to reach her. This initial meeting leads to a friendship between the two and they travel east to New York City on the trail of the girl. When they find the girl, Caroline Smith, and she refuses to leave, Ronicky must discover the secret that holds her. They encounter the sinister John Mark and the beautiful Ruth Tolliver and are exposed to the horrors and vices of big city life as they attempt to rescue Caroline and find their way back to the mountain-desert of the west. (Summary by Rowdy Delaney) (5 hr 40 min)


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Cowboys in the city

(5 stars)

Fun and exciting tale of friendship, redemption, and love triumphant (sort of) well read by a genuine westerner. Thanks Rowdy. Keep recording these cowboy stories; you're on a roll. (TheBookworm, Manchester, UK)


(4.5 stars)

Good reader...interesting characters...the story held my interest and did not turn out as expected

(4 stars)

Despite being a "western set in New York City" which I always despised, I found this enjoyable. My only real complaint is how often the name "Ronicky Doone" is said. It's like no one just says "hey Ron", they all call him by both names. After the 3rd time in a paragraph, it gets a lot redundant.

Well read

(5 stars)

Funnier than most westerns. Feel like this ones been written a Day before deadline by some half drunk veteran western writer just lying in his bathtub with his typewriter and a bottle of redeye. Well read by The narrator. No drama. Thanks!

(2.5 stars)

mostly fun and starts out well but it really bogs down half way through. the audience is left imaging which flavor of frontier justice would best be used on the villain and which are not severe enough

(5 stars)

well written! one of Max Brand's best! it's an awes book to listen to when at the height of some boring monotonous job... or driving down the road for tht matter


(5 stars)

Brand produces yet another unique person, and this one in an unfamiliar setting. One of his best. Grreat read by Rowdy.

(2 stars)

the narrator fantastic.... The story was pretty silly. After listening to a Joseph Conrad, pretty relaxing. Thankyou