Ann Veronica

Read by Joy Chan

(4.4 stars; 30 reviews)

Ann Veronica was a controversial book detailing the development of a naive school girl into a "New Woman". When it was published, the Spectator described it as a "poisonous book ... capable of poisoning the minds of those who read it." Although it is unlikely to offend modern listeners in this way, this novel addresses many feminist issues that are still relevant today. (Summary by Joy Chan)

(10 hr 24 min)


Ann Veronica Talks to Her Father 55:26 Read by Joy Chan
Ann Veronica gathers points of view 32:58 Read by Joy Chan
The morning of the crisis 52:08 Read by Joy Chan
The crisis 13:34 Read by Joy Chan
The flight to London 35:50 Read by Joy Chan
Expostulations 32:37 Read by Joy Chan
Ideals and a reality 50:56 Read by Joy Chan
Biology 45:53 Read by Joy Chan
Discords 1:02:27 Read by Joy Chan
The Suffragettes 35:40 Read by Joy Chan
Thoughts in prison 19:07 Read by Joy Chan
Ann Veronica puts things in order 27:34 Read by Joy Chan
The sapphire ring 40:25 Read by Joy Chan
The collapse of the penitent 31:09 Read by Joy Chan
The last days at home 22:14 Read by Joy Chan
In the mountains 40:27 Read by Joy Chan
In perspective 21:27 Read by Joy Chan


exellent reading by miss Chan

(4 stars)

very well written, although it felt like 2 stories in a way. I've never been a student of feminism having been born at a time when women can be just a 'free' as men. This story's glimpes at the original impulses and circumstances that spawned modern feminism gave me something to think about and wonder if they way inequality was resolved was really the best one, seeing that in some ways, women are worse off for it in significant areas of our lives. I also thought the main character was extremely selfish, not able to consider or calculate consequences that her actions may have on others, and living from an exaggerated self first perspective. Her father may be responsible for her outlook though as he was just selfish in his way, not fulfilling his duties as father, beyond the physical maintenance of his daughter. His lack of interest in her as a person in need care, love and guidance because she was born female, was disheartening and he kind of asked for the behaviour she exhibited in her rebellion.

good for thinkinking

(3 stars)

This book was a very good read- especially for a young lady of approximately the same age. It spoke on many of the questions and musing I myself have pondered. The only thing I didn't care for was the ending. It ended up being more trashy than I was hoping. I was, however, very surprised at how open the author was about certain topics and thoughts- an especially rare thing it seems for the era in which it was written. Good effort, good read, a little disappointing at the end.

Ann Veronica

(5 stars)

Very good reader and the story is great. Many things in it we are still strugling with to day and unbeliveable the inside of H.G.Wells in to the feminin feelings and the will with him to see the right for in same justis for men and women. Thanks for this great reading and story.

Interesting book, well read.

(5 stars)

All in all a very interesting book that I very much enjoyed listening to.

(4 stars)

amazing that this is still relevant today... 2 different times and still the same world...

started a bit slow but then I was hooked. Just a nice story.

(4 stars)

Excellent book and reader. HG Wells really keeps amazing me.

(5 stars)

Interesting and compelling.

(4.5 stars)

An enjoyable listen. Feminist themes very interesting.