Travels of Puss in Boots, Jr.

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David Cory is the author of more than 40 children's books. This is the second book in the series of Puss in Boots, Jr. The roots for the legend of Puss in Boots seems to back to Italian folklore. These books are written for younger readers, about second grade and up, hence the "junior" designation. Along his travels, Puss in Boots meets familiar characters such as Old Mother Hubbard, Three Blind Mice, and Simple Simon.
- Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 4 min)


Puss Starts Out on His Travels 4:02 Read by Larry Wilson
Puss Meets a Scarecrow 4:20 Read by larryhayes7
The Wagon-Ride 3:15 Read by KayteeFoley
The Wicked Lord 3:10 Read by karmaemmings
The Rescue 2:48 Read by karmaemmings
The Little Hut in the Wood 4:03 Read by Snow Owl
"Mooly, Mooly Cow, Come Away Home!" 4:10 Read by larryhayes7
The Giant of the Merry Laugh 4:34 Read by larryhayes7
Puss Buys a New Pair of Boots 4:21 Read by larryhayes7
Old Friends 4:50 Read by mleigh
Old Mother Witch 3:42 Read by Owlivia
Puss is Bewitched 2:41 Read by CallieDelm
The Escape 2:40 Read by karmaemmings
The Cuckoo in the Little Clock House 2:40 Read by karmaemmings
"All Aboard!" 3:49 Read by Michael Reuss
Mr. Neptune 3:46 Read by Mellam
"Ding, Dong, Bell!" 5:24 Read by Mellam
Mistress Mary's Garden 4:58 Read by mleigh
Baby Bunting Bunny 4:19 Read by Michael Reuss
Three Blind Mice 4:06 Read by Kurt
The Little Black Hen 3:20 Read by Karebear924
My Dame Has Lost Her Shoe 3:11 Read by Karebear924
The Duck Ferry-boat 3:38 Read by Karebear924
The Golden Goose 4:02 Read by Michael Reuss
The Little Gray Man 3:28 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Water Sprite 2:52 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Miser 3:31 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Bags of Gold 3:28 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Half a Bag of Gold 3:06 Read by tommyjeff78
Another Pussy-cat Lady 2:53 Read by tommyjeff78
Simple Simon 2:49 Read by tommyjeff78
Old Mother Hubbard 2:52 Read by tommyjeff78
The Bad Black Spider 3:28 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Pea-green Boat 4:52 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Puss Meets an Old Friend 3:19 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Old Miller 3:21 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Sweeping Cobwebs 3:21 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Robin Hood 3:31 Read by Snow Owl
The Gingerbread Hut 4:06 Read by Snow Owl
Baron Bruin 4:02 Read by CalebSchroeder
The Bleating Goat 3:56 Read by AnthonySmitha
The Magic Tree 3:44 Read by AnthonySmitha
The Little Door in the Stump 4:01 Read by AnthonySmitha
Puss Goes West 3:57 Read by AnthonySmitha
On the Way to Fairy-land 3:50 Read by AnthonySmitha
Dreams 3:30 Read by Silvia Wolf
The Ruby Ring 3:54 Read by Silvia Wolf
The Dreadful Bat 3:30 Read by Owlivia
Some Old Friends 3:24 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Little Rug Man 3:51 Read by Nancy Gorgen