Lillian Morris, and Other Stories

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The nights were real Californian: calm, warm, starry; the fire burned cheerily, and in its gleam I saw the gigantic, but shapely and noble form of the old pioneer warrior. Raising his eyes to the stars, he sought to recall past events, cherished names, and dear faces, the very remembrance of which brought a mild sadness to his features. Of these narratives I give one just as I heard it, thinking that the reader will listen to it with as much interest as I did. - Summary from the Preface (4 hr 1 min)


Preface 1:56 Read by Elijah Fisher
Lillian Morris - Chapter 1 18:42 Read by Keren Smithies
Lillian Morris - Chapter 2 21:23 Read by pipes
Lillian Morris - Chapter 3 19:52 Read by pipes
Lillian Morris - Chapter 4 14:17 Read by Marie Christian
Lillian Morris - Chapter 5 16:25 Read by Cbteddy
Lillian Morris - Chapter 6 18:08 Read by Cbteddy
Lillian Morris - Chapter 7 19:23 Read by littlemissclumsy
Lillian Morris - Chapter 8 24:00 Read by Cbteddy
Sachem 23:33 Read by Kurt
Yamyol 16:25 Read by Cbteddy
The Bull Fight part 1 23:50 Read by Elijah Fisher
The Bull Fight part 2 23:06 Read by Cbteddy