The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 11

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The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol XI, January to December 1900.

(21 hr 4 min)


The Philippine Islands and their Environment; by John Barrett 37:41 Read by Larry Wilson
The Cape Nome Gold District; by F. C. Schrader 19:32 Read by AldenWilliams
The Idaho and Montana Boundary Line; by Richard U. Goode 12:05 Read by jenno
The Copper River Delta; by E. D. Preston 7:43 Read by James Goldburn
Our New Possessions and the Interest they are Exciting; by O. P. Austin 4:37 Read by James Goldburn
The Total Eclipse of the Sun, May 28, 1900; by F. H. Bigelow 4:19 Read by Availle
The Census of 1900; by F. H. Wines 5:43 Read by jenno
Geographic Nomenclature; by E. W. Hilgard 4:51 Read by Larry Wilson
Puerto Rico, not Porto Rico; by John Hyde 2:23 Read by Larry Wilson
Geographic Literature 7:08 Read by BettyB
Correspondence 2:06 Read by BettyB
Miscellanea 1:27 Read by BettyB
Some Geographic Features of Southern Patagonia, with a Discussion of their Orig… 36:11 Read by jenno
Kite Work of the Weather Bureau; by H. C. Frankenfield 22:31 Read by roselbex
Practical Exercises in Geography; by W. M. Davis 52:25 Read by roselbex
Professor Henry Allen Hazen 2:42 Read by roselbex
Geographic Miscellanea 7:24 Read by roselbex
British South Africa and the Transvaal; by F. F. Hilder 30:20 Read by roselbex
The History and Geographic Distribution of Bubonic Plague; by George M. Sternbe… 47:24 Read by Beeswaxcandle
Ice Cliffs on White River, Yukon Territory; by Martin W. Gorman 15:02 Read by Avery Wade
A Hunting Trip to Northern Greenland; by Fullerton Merrill 13:55 Read by Nicole Wright
A Canal from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean 4:27 Read by mleigh
Diseases of the Philippines 3:49 Read by Larry Wilson
Geographic Mischellanea 17:14 Read by BettyB
The Anglo-Venezuelan Boundary Dispute; by Marcus Baker 44:12 Read by roselbex
Korea, the Hermit Nation; by Harrie Webster 17:06 Read by Larry Wilson
An Assumed Inconstancy in the Level of Lake Nicaragua; by C. Willard Hayes 17:05 Read by roselbex
The Isthmian Canal Commission 2:26 Read by roselbex
International Arbitration and its Possibilities 1:28 Read by Cbteddy
Helping Navigation 3:13 Read by Olga Geiling
Railway Construction and Improvements 2:49 Read by Alan Mapstone
Where Exploration is Needed 3:00 Read by Olga Geiling
Work in the Arctic and Antarctic 5:12 Read by mleigh
Geographic Literature 9:08 Read by BettyB
Geographic Miscellanea 5:46 Read by Cbteddy
The Growth of Russia; by Edwin A. Grosvenor 35:02 Read by Sonia
Influence of Geographical Conditions on Military Operations in South Africa; by… 16:43 Read by BettyB
Apperception in Geography; by M. E. Kelton 19:07 Read by BettyB
Ice Cliffs on White River, Yukon Territory; by C. W. Hayes and A. H. Brooks 8:58 Read by Avery Wade
A German Route to India; by Gilbert H. Grosvenor 6:18 Read by prajak
The Cuban Census 2:34 Read by Olga Geiling
Frank Hamilton Cushing 2:00 Read by Olga Geiling
Geographic Literature 6:33 Read by BettyB
Geographic Miscellanea 3:59 Read by BettyB
The Road to Bolivia; by W. E. Curtis 36:00 Read by Olga Geiling
The Colonial Expansion of France; by Jean C. Bracq 38:14 Read by BettyB
The Prevention of Hailstorms by the Use of Cannon 7:18 Read by Cbteddy
The U. S. Signal Corps in Porto Rico 0:50 Read by Cbteddy
Russian Railways 1:46 Read by Alan Mapstone
The New Superintendent of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 1:06 Read by roselbex
The Revolt of the Ashantis 3:27 Read by Alan Mapstone
Geographic Miscellanea 14:38 Read by BettyB
The Expansion of England; by Edwin D. Mead 44:47 Read by roselbex
The Road to Bolivia, continued; by W. E. Curtis 38:29 Read by Olga Geiling
The Chinese "Boxers;" by L. J. Davies 21:18 Read by Availle
National Geographic Society 2:29 Read by Olga Geiling
Grove Karl Gilbert 1:44 Read by Olga Geiling
Ports of the Far East 1:18 Read by Cbteddy
The Tsung-li-Yamen 4:00 Read by Availle
Geographic Notes 8:57 Read by BettyB
Problems in China; by James M. Hubbard 26:17 Read by BettyB
China and Her People; by Harrie Webster 22:47 Read by BettyB
The National Geographic Society’s Eclipse Expedition to Norfolk, Va.; by Marcus… 3:01 Read by MoonLylith
The Scientific Work of the National Geographic Society’s Eclipse Expedition to … 10:37 Read by MoonLylith
Hydrographic Work of the U. S. Geological Survey 4:28 Read by Olga Geiling
Railways, Rivers, and Strategic Towns in Manchuria; by Gilbert H. Grosvenor 6:53 Read by Olga Geiling
Culebra 2:22 Read by Olga Geiling
The First American Census of Porto Rico 5:01 Read by Olga Geiling
U. S. Board on Geographic Names 3:51 Read by Cbteddy
Foreigners and Foreign Firms in China 3:48 Read by roselbex
The Chinese Farmer 1:52 Read by mleigh
Three Books on China 14:29 Read by BettyB
Miscellanea 2:29 Read by roselbex
The Colorado Desert; by David P. Barrows 32:25 Read by BettyB
The Chinese Paradox; by H. M. Watts 12:18 Read by Cbteddy
Colonial Government in Borneo; by James M. Hubbard 14:13 Read by Olga Geiling
The Water Supply for the Nicaragua Canal; by Arthur P. Davis 7:14 Read by Victoria Scrimer
Mrs Bishop's "The Yangtze Valley and Beyond;" by Eliza R. Scidmore 9:16 Read by Victoria Scrimer
The city of Shanghai 2:42 Read by Alan Mapstone
Forest Reserves of the United States; by Gifford Pinchot 9:22 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Great Wall of China 4:06 Read by BettyB
Geographic Notes 10:02 Read by BettyB
Lessons of Galveston; by W. J. McGee 17:27 Read by KrisD
The West Indian Hurricane of September 1-12, 1900; by E. B. Garriott 12:40 Read by BettyB
Excavations at Nippur 2:52 Read by mleigh
Hunan, the Closed Province of China; by W. B. Parsons 15:55 Read by Victoria Scrimer
The National Geographic Society: Address of the President to the Board of Manag… 17:49 Read by BettyB
Through the Heart of Africa 12:05 Read by prajak
Nansen's "Farthest North" Eclipsed 4:12 Read by Cbteddy
Geographic Notes 5:42 Read by BettyB
Proceedings of the National Geographic Society 8:18 Read by Rapunzelina
The Samoan Islands; Dy Edwin V. Morgan 27:21 Read by Beeswaxcandle
The Manila Observatory; by Jose Algue 29:30 Read by BettyB
The Limited Water Supply of the Arid Region; by F. H. Newell 10:51 Read by LizJ
Hurricanes on the Coast of Texas; by A. W. Greely 10:01 Read by VO Gal
Africa the Largest Game Preserve in the World; by John B. Torbert 4:23 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Announcements 2:23 Read by roselbex
The Wyoming Fossil Fields Expedition of July, 1899; by W. C. Knight 24:12 Read by roselbex
Gold in the Philippines; by F. F. Hilder 14:39 Read by Beeswaxcandle
The Teaching of Physical Geography in Elementary Schools; by R. E. Dodge 12:57 Read by Beeswaxcandle
Geography at the British Association for the Advancement of Science; by John Hy… 8:58 Read by BettyB
Decisions of the U. S. Board on Geographic Names 5:53 Read by BettyB
Significant Facts Concerning the Foreign Trade of Great Britain 3:34 Read by Alan Mapstone
Miscellanea 1:17 Read by Alan Mapstone