The Sapphire Signet

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Three girls make a new friend, and find a coded notebook in their attic which leads to treasure and a strange tale about the past. - Summary by Natalia (4 hr 42 min)


The House in Charleton Street 12:12 Read by Yoganandh T
Something Turns Up 14:24 Read by Yoganandh T
The Discovery in the Attic 16:46 Read by Allyson
A Key to the Mystery 10:04 Read by Allyson
"The Lass of Richmond Hill" 16:28 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
A Surprise 16:22 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
The Discoveries Corinne Made 10:36 Read by Natalia
Baffled 9:52 Read by Natalia
Introducing Alexander 11:52 Read by Natalia
Alexander Takes Hold 8:14 Read by Natalia
Alexander Springs a Surprise 11:55 Read by Caitlyn
The Mystery Unravels Further 16:00 Read by Caitlyn
Alexander Engages in Some Historical Research 17:18 Read by Caitlyn
A Belated Discovery and a Solemn Conclave 12:52
Sarah Takes a Hand In The Game 16:57 Read by Marmalade
The Sapphire Signet 19:45 Read by Marmalade
In Which Sarah Changes Her Mind 21:17 Read by Marmalade
Two Surprises 9:56 Read by Natalia
The Missing Links 29:43 Read by Allyson