Be Young Again

Read by Paul Hampton

(4.6 stars; 9 reviews)

Just about every confidence gag had been tried on old Vachti, except the Elixir of Youth. Only this was different—Professor Barr had a unique
pitch on it, but Buck had the real goods! (Summary by Paul Hampton) (1 hr 12 min)


Pt. 01 14:19 Read by Paul Hampton
Pt. 02 19:34 Read by Paul Hampton
Pt. 03 13:59 Read by Paul Hampton
Pt. 04 13:28 Read by Paul Hampton
Pt. 05 10:51 Read by Paul Hampton


Another tip-top reading by Paul Hampton.

(5 stars)

A just off-beat enough story to arouse interest. A classy hotel, an island estate and heart of gold con artist vs reformed gangster—among others delightful props make for an completely enjoyable hour or two well spent.

Really great!

(5 stars)

Great quick story, Mr Hampton is one of the best readers on librivox.