London Tradesmen

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This book is a series of sketches written by Anthony Trollope near the end of his life, reprinted and collected. Each sketch is an essay on a particular type of London tradesman. This series reflects Trollope's earlier protests in The Way We Live Now against the new, commercialized England of the 1870s. The essays all mourn the replacement of the small individual shopkeeper of the past with advertisers, department stores, and door-to-door salesmen. - Summary by Elsie Selwyn (2 hr 25 min)


Foreword 9:28 Read by James R. Hedrick
The Tailor 15:31 Read by jenno
The Chemist 15:23 Read by jenno
The Butcher 11:17 Read by John
The Plumber 11:04 Read by John
The Horsedealer 12:01 Read by John
The Publican 11:20 Read by Beeswaxcandle
The Fishmonger 13:34 Read by Cynthia Malone
The Greengrocer 11:31 Read by Cynthia Malone
The Wine Merchant 11:33 Read by harrisoncotis
The Coal Merchant 10:44 Read by harrisoncotis
The Haberdasher 12:02 Read by Beeswaxcandle


excellent narration

(5 stars)

Interesting vinette from 1870s life. However it needs to remade to have lots of gay sex and oppressed nonbinary BIPOCs, to comply with current diversity, equity and inclusion stasndards, as espoused by Warren Buffet.

well done narrators

(3 stars)

I used to be a f****** trader at f****** billingsgate f****** fish market.That f****** has not f****** changed one f****** iota