Lotta Schmidt and Other Stories

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In this collection of short stories by Anthony Trollope: A Viennese musician courts a much younger woman. A young man must choose between pursuing his literary aspirations and supporting his wife and child. Two brothers on opposing sides of the American Civil War compete for the same woman's affections. A man recounts the unfortunate manner he first met his long-time friend. A young woman and a young man argue over the rights to a local cove and its seaweed crop. A bride struggles to find the perfect sacrifice to make to support charity. A Venetian woman falls in love with an Austrian soldier, a member of the enemy force occupying her city. An American woman must choose between two suitors, one American and the other British. A destitute woman, while travelling by boat to Panama, dreads her arranged marriage to her rich cousin in Peru and makes an unexpected friend.

The 9 stories are scattered across a variety of settings but have some basic themes in common: poverty, romance, travel, and transnational relationships.
Summary by Elsie Selwyn (7 hr 24 min)


Lotta Schmidt 50:51 Read by Belinda McReynolds
The Adventures of Fred Pickering 50:00 Read by Beeswaxcandle
The Two Generals 54:37 Read by marisad6
Father Giles of Ballymoy 37:32 Read by mikepaquetteVO
Malachi's Cove 48:04 Read by fshort
The Widow's Mite 52:07 Read by Chris Pyle
The Last Austrian Who Left Venice 42:21 Read by Cbteddy
Miss Ophelia Gledd 54:38 Read by jenno
The Journey to Panama 54:40 Read by jenno