The Tale of Daddy Longlegs (Version 2)

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Arthur Scott Bailey, famous for his children's animal series, adds another fun tale of the critter that we call a Daddy Longlegs. His life and adventures are told in a funny way in these chapters while all the other animals try to decide where he fits into their nifty little world of birds, chipmunks and skunks. - Summary by phil chenevert (1 hr 48 min)


The Strange Tracks 4:32 Read by Bradford Wilson
The New Neighbor 5:21 Read by nighthawks
Mr. Crow is Displeased 3:58 Read by Cavender
The Contest 4:09 Read by Vic Trevisanut
Too Many Questions 5:02 Read by Vic Trevisanut
Mrs. Ladybug's Plan 2:56 Read by Melissa Griffin
Trying to Help 4:55 Read by Vic Trevisanut
In Need of New Shoes 3:16 Read by Melissa Griffin
Locked In 5:36 Read by nighthawks
A Ride by Moonlight 4:37 Read by Elizabeth Copnall
The Big Wind 3:33 Read by Mari Rubin
Good News on a Bad Day 3:37 Read by Denzlee Knudsen
A Dangerous Business 4:18 Read by Natasha M.
One Way to Stop a Horse 3:50 Read by Pippa Moss
A Call on a Neighbor 4:43 Read by nighthawks
Boastful Talk 5:06 Read by nighthawks
Daddy is Attacked 5:38 Read by mleigh
The Ant Army 5:58 Read by mleigh
Daddy Escapes 6:02 Read by mleigh
Lost—A Jackknife! 3:48 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
Just a Notion 5:14 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
Why Daddy was Changed 4:27 Read by Tessaractt
A New Name for Daddy 2:55 Read by Tessaractt
A Bridegroom 4:54 Read by docdlmartin