Policeman Bluejay (Version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

L. Frank Baum, the author of the OZ series, penned these stories and his magic touch shines through. Twinkles and Chubbins (two little children) are lost in the forest and are transformed into birds by an evil sorceress. Neat start, eh? Then their adventures among the birds with Policeman BlueJay are fun and funny. - Summary by phil chenevert (3 hr 5 min)


LITTLE ONES IN TROUBLE 7:31 Read by James R. Hedrick
THE FOREST GUARDIAN 11:47 Read by James R. Hedrick
THE CHILD-LARKS 8:39 Read by sreynoldson
AN AFTERNOON RECEPTION 5:22 Read by Limalily
THE ORIOLE'S STORY 5:54 Read by Limalily
A MERRY ADVENTURE 12:33 Read by Andrew88
THE BLUEJAY'S STORY 13:10 Read by drandall
MRS. HOOTAWAY 10:38 Read by Lori Olsen
THE DESTROYERS 9:03 Read by Lori Olsen
IN THE EAGLE'S NEST 7:55 Read by Lori Olsen
THE ORPHANS 9:18 Read by dc
THE GUARDIAN 11:00 Read by dc
THE KING BIRD 10:46 Read by Lee Vogler
A REAL FAIRYLAND 9:46 Read by Tessa Adler
THE LAKE OF DRY WATER 6:10 Read by littlemissclumsy
THE BEAUTY DANCE 6:06 Read by Limalily
THE QUEEN BEE 7:29 Read by Stacey Malcolm
GOOD NEWS 9:05 Read by littlemissclumsy
THE REBELS 7:43 Read by BookWorm30
THE BATTLE 5:36 Read by BookWorm30
THE TINGLE-BERRIES 4:17 Read by edenwillow
THE TRANSFORMATION 5:28 Read by edenwillow