Little Ann and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A collection of poems written for naughty children and intending to show them better paths. (1 hr 14 min)


A True Story 4:47 Read by mleigh
The Boys and the Apple-Tree 2:31 Read by Larry Wilson
Sophia's Fool's-Cap 1:31 Read by De Anna Lee
Frances Keeps Her Promise 2:43 Read by Stunning
Careless Matilda 4:45 Read by Marie Christian
The Violet 1:12 Read by Stunning
The Orphan 1:23 Read by De Anna Lee
The Disappointment 1:48 Read by Marie Christian
James and the Shoulder of Mutton 2:18 Read by Stunning
The Good-Natured Girls 1:30 Read by Stunning
To a Little Girl that has Told a Lie 2:05 Read by De Anna Lee
Dirty Jim 1:05 Read by Larry Wilson
Meddlesome Matty 2:32 Read by De Anna Lee
The Butterfly 0:47 Read by Larry Wilson
The Gaudy Flower 1:29 Read by Stunning
George and the Chimney-Sweep 2:06 Read by mleigh
Deaf Martha 1:41 Read by Larry Wilson
The Little Cripple's Complaint 2:14 Read by Marie Christian
Negligent Mary 1:42 Read by Stunning
The Spider 1:46 Read by De Anna Lee
For a Naughty Little Girl 1:32 Read by jenno
The Child's Monitor 1:44 Read by David Lawrence
The Chatterbox 1:24 Read by Victoria Alice Bell
Jane and Eliza 1:56 Read by jenno
Sleepy Harry 1:01 Read by Victoria Alice Bell
Washing and Dressing 1:29 Read by David Lawrence
The Vulgar Little Lady 1:31 Read by Stunning
The Wooden Doll and the Wax Doll 3:02 Read by BettyB
The Baby's Dance 0:49 Read by Stunning
The Pin 1:53 Read by Stunning
The Cow 0:46 Read by BettyB
Come and Play in the Garden 1:05 Read by Stunning
Little Girls Must Not Fret 1:04 Read by Stunning
The Field Daisy 0:49 Read by Stunning
Learning to Go Alone 0:46 Read by Nicole Wright
Finery 1:31 Read by Stunning
Greedy Richard 2:21 Read by dc
The Holidays 1:43 Read by Victoria Alice Bell
The Village Green 1:09 Read by Larry Wilson
Mischief 1:40 Read by Larry Wilson
About the Little Girl that Beat Her Sister 1:08 Read by jenno
The Apple-Tree 2:18 Read by Alan Mapstone