The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 12 - Tributes

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Col. Ingersoll, a renowned trial lawyer and known as "the Great Agnostic", was one of the most sought after Toastmasters of his day, invited to many banquets, parties and gravesides of famous persons, filling huge lecture halls before, during, and after the Civil war, amassing 12 volumes of collected essays and speeches he gave on the lecture circuit. Volume 12 houses the collected papers that didn't fit into the previous 11 volumes, including these tributes to celebrities of his era, to Benjamin W. Parker, Henry Ward Beecher, Walt Whitman, Anton Seidl, and many others. These tributes were not included in the Librivox audiobook version of Volume 12, Miscellany, so they could be appreciated on their own. Enjoy! (Summary by Michele Fry, BC ) (2 hr 40 min)


01 - A Tribute to George Jacob Holyoake 10:00 Read by Rita Boutros
02 - At the Grave of Benjamin W. Parker 1:48 Read by mikepaquetteVO
03 - A Tribute to Ebon C. Ingersoll 5:38 Read by mikepaquetteVO
04 - A Tribute to the Rev. Alexander Clark 4:40 Read by Jayjaysil
05 - At a Child's Grave 3:52 Read by Bob Swanson
06 - A Tribute to John G. Mills 6:05 Read by Rita Boutros
07 - A Tribute to Elizur Wright 9:03 Read by Bob Swanson
08 - A Tribute to Mrs. Ida Whiting Knowles 2:33 Read by Melissa Griffin
09 - A Tribute to Henry Ward Beecher 14:32 Read by Algy Pug
10 - A Tribute to Roscoe Conkling 25:19 Read by Gloria Loughry
11 - A Tribute to Richard H. Whiting 3:21 Read by mikepaquetteVO
12 - A Tribute to Courtlandt Palmer 10:56 Read by Rita Boutros
13 - A Tribute to Mrs. Mary H. Fiske 5:47 Read by Jayjaysil
14 - A Tribute to Horace Seaver 17:25 Read by Gloria Loughry
15 - A Tribute to Lawrence Barrett 3:19 Read by Gloria Loughry
16 - A Tribute to Walt Whitman 10:29 Read by Gloria Loughry
17 - A Tribute to Philo D. Beckwith 6:10 Read by Gloria Loughry
18 - A Tribute to Anton Seidl 3:47 Read by Michele Fry
19 - A Tribute to Dr. Thomas Seton Robertson 3:28 Read by mikepaquetteVO
20 - A Tribute to Thomas Corwin 2:40 Read by mikepaquetteVO
21 - A Tribute to Isaac H. Bailey 9:40 Read by mikepaquetteVO