Lectures on the Harvard Classics

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Lecture Series on the contents of The Harvard Classics ought to do much to open that collection of literary materials to many ambitious young men and women whose education was cut short by the necessity of contributing in early life to the family earnings, or of supporting themselves, "and who must therefore reach the standing of a cultivated man or woman through the pleasurable devotion of a few minutes a day through many years to the reading of good literature" (Introduction to The Harvard Classics.)

The Series will also assist many readers to cultivate "a taste for serious reading of the highest quality outside of The Harvard Classics as well as within them." (Ibid.) It will certainly promote the accomplishment of the educational object I had in mind when I made the collection. - Summary by Charles William Eliot (18 hr 31 min)


History: General Introduction, by Robert Matteson Johnston 41:14 Read by Sonia
Ancient History by William Scott Ferguson 20:42 Read by Rita Boutros
The Renaissance, by Murray Anthony Potter 14:34 Read by Rita Boutros
The French Revolution, by Robert Matteson Johnston 12:23 Read by Rita Boutros
The Territorial Development of the United States, by Frederick Jackson Turner 15:54 Read by Cbteddy
Poetry: General Introduction, by Carleton Noyes 41:48 Read by Sonia
Homer and the Epic, by Charles Burton Gulick 11:00 Read by Ann Boulais
Dante, by Charles Hall Grandgent 11:04 Read by Ann Boulais
The Poems of John Milton, by Ernest Bernbaum 11:17 Read by Larry Wilson
The English Anthology, by Carleton Noyes 17:27 Read by Will Shakespeare
Natural Science: General Introduction, by Lawrence Joseph Henderson 36:52 Read by Cbteddy
Astronomy, by Lawrence Joseph Henderson 11:23 Read by Availle
Physics and Chemistry, by Lawrence Joseph Henderson 12:45 Read by Will Shakespeare
The Biological Sciences, by Lawrence Joseph Henderson 12:35 Read by Rita Boutros
Kelvin on "Light" and "The Tides", by William Morris Davis 11:34 Read by Atul Sharma
Philosophy: General Introduction, by Ralph Barton Perry 46:19 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Socrates, Plato and the Roman Stoics, by Charles Pomeroy Parker 11:07 Read by Availle
The Rise of Modern Philosophy, by Ralph Barton Perry 11:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Introduction to Kant, by Ralph Barton Perry 11:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Emerson, by Chester Noyes Greenough 11:58 Read by MoonLylith
Biography: General Introduction, by William Roscoe Thayer 38:09 Read by Cbteddy
Plutarch, by William Scott Ferguson 10:18 Read by laurakgibbs
Benvenuto Cellini, by Chandler Rathfon Post 13:33 Read by Robert Dipboye
Franklin and Woolman, by Chester Noyes Greenough 12:24 Read by Robert Dipboye
John Stuart Mill, by Oliver Mitchell Wentworth Sprague 11:39 Read by Rita Boutros
Prose Fiction: General Introduction, by William Allan Neilson 46:29 Read by TR Love
Popular Prose Fiction, by Fred Norris Robinson 12:56 Read by TR Love
Malory, by Gustavus Howard Maynadier 12:58 Read by Brandon Brinkley
Cervantes, by J. D. M. Ford 13:46 Read by Rita Boutros
Manzoni, by J. D. M. Ford 12:19 Read by Rita Boutros
Criticism and the Essay: General Introduction, by Bliss Perry 38:13 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
What the Middle Ages Read, by William Allan Neilson 12:45 Read by Vendel Farkas
Theories of Poetry, by Bliss Perry 17:50 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Æsthetic Criticism in Germany, by William Guild Howard 12:24 Read by Sonia
The Composition of a Criticism, by Ernest Bernbaum 12:31 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Education: General Introduction, by Henry Wyman Holmes 48:13 Read by KrisD
Francis Bacon, by Ernest Bernbaum 12:01 Read by laurakgibbs
Locke and Milton, by Henry Wyman Holmes 13:51 Read by Victoria Scrimer
Carlyle and Newman, by Frank W. C. Hersey 13:08 Read by Robert Dipboye
Huxley on Science and Culture, by A. O. Norton 13:39 Read by Claudia Caldi
Political Science: General Introduction, by Thomas Nixon Carver 40:29 Read by Cbteddy
Theories of Government in the Renaissance, by Oliver Mitchell Wentworth Sprague 10:47 Read by Atul Sharma
Adam Smith and the "Wealth of Nations", by Charles Jesse Bullock 13:46 Read by Will Shakespeare
The Growth of the American Constitution, by William Bennett Munro 13:33 Read by mleigh
Law and Liberty, by Roscoe Pound 11:07 Read by Cbteddy
Drama: General Introduction, by George Pierce Baker 42:56 Read by S. Emily Lee
Greek Tragedy, by Charles Burton Gulick 10:55 Read by Victoria Scrimer
The Elizabethan Drama, by William Allan Neilson 10:10 Read by Victoria Scrimer
The Faust Legend, by Kuno Francke 11:50 Read by laurakgibbs
The Modern English Drama, by Ernest Bernbaum 9:48 Read by Atul Sharma
Voyages and Travel: General Introduction, by Roland Burrage Dixon 44:02 Read by Will Caffey
Herodotus on Egypt, by George H. Chase 11:53 Read by laurakgibbs
The Elizabethan Adventurers, by William Allan Neilson 11:30 Read by Christine Rottger
The Era of Discovery, by William Bennett Munro 10:19 Read by Brandon Brinkley
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle, by George Howard Parker 11:11 Read by Atul Sharma
Religion: General Introduction, by Ralph Barton Perry 41:53 Read by Cbteddy
Buddhism, by Charles Rockwell Lanman 13:11 Read by Availle
Confucianism, by Alfred Dwight Sheffield 13:31 Read by April6090
Greek Religion, by Clifford Herschel Moore 11:52 Read by Christine Rottger
Pascal, by Charles Henry Conrad Wright 12:36 Read by Will Shakespeare