The Boy Scouts Afoot in France

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The boys of the Silver Fox patrol have finally made it to Antwerp, after their harrowing adventures in Belgium! Bumpus is still worried about his mother, who is sick in Paris. The boys will find new adventures to keep them out of too much trouble, and away from Bumpus' mother, in this last book of the series!

Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne. (5 hr 57 min)


Landed in Antwerp 11:50 Read by Will Caffey
Held Up on the Border 13:31 Read by Will Caffey
Down the Slope 13:13 Read by Will Caffey
Giraffe on Guard 15:30 Read by Silvia Wolf
At Calais, on the Channel 12:54 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Caught Between the Lines 12:43 Read by Kayla
A Narrow Escape 11:25 Read by Jayjaysil
The Dangerous Crossing 14:43 Read by MicheleOspina81
With the French at the Front 14:38 Read by MicheleOspina81
Giraffe Faces a Serious Charge 16:38 Read by Dorotli
The Battle 11:05 Read by Nichole Evans
The Wanderings of Bumpus 11:04 Read by MicheleOspina81
A Thrilling Spectacle 13:42 Read by MicheleOspina81
Back to the Firing Line 12:41 Read by MicheleOspina81
In the Service of the Red Cross 12:32 Read by KevinS
At the French Hospital 13:13 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Scouts Under Fire 15:25 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Making History 9:44 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Thad Turns Magician 9:52 Read by Ahna
Running the Gauntlet of Shells 23:22 Read by Kimberly
At Joffre's Headquarters 12:37 Read by MicheleOspina81
The Man Who Saved Paris 14:18 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
Where Victory was Seized 12:39 Read by Navya
Headed for Paris 10:57 Read by Joy Dunne
Giraffe has a Narrow Escape 12:51 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Badge of Courage and Honor 13:02 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Conclusion 10:56 Read by Nancy Gorgen