The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians

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"First Clement is one of the oldest Christian documents outside the New Testament canon. The epistle was written by Clement, one of the elders of the church of Rome, to the church in Corinth, where it was read for centuries. Indeed, historians generally hold First Clement to be an authentic document dating from the first century. From the fifth century to the eighth century, many of the eastern churches accepted the First Epistle of Clement as canonical scripture as it is clearly listed among the canonical books of the New Testament in "Canon 85" of the Canons of the Apostles. However, by the end of the eighth century, none of the ancient churches, eastern or western, included First Clement in any official listing of the canonical New Testament"
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01 – Chapters 01-10 13:53 Read by Sam Stinson
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Very good reading, of a priceless and eternally important letter. Both saints and sinners, Christians and Heathens: Your life depends on the words contained within this book!


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This was a well done, well read audio book.


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love hearing the gospel from the apostles

Great reader

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great reader! thank you. impressive early text. shows how fundamental is the unity of the Church. and how obedience and harmony is the way of God.

Great voice and reading

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Great listening of this beautiful and helpful Christian book. thank you so much

great listen!

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Very thankful I can listen to such a great book for free! Thanks Mr. Stinson!

Excellent Read

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I highly recommend this. Listening to this wisdom is astounding. Life-changing even!

great reader and very easy to listen to

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