Juggernaut of Space

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 19 reviews)

Never had the mind of man conceived so horrible a doom as was reaching for Earth. Never had a greater need for Earth's valiant champions been needed. And yet the only ones who could fight the menace—were five futile humans, prisoners on another world. - Summary by Original Gutenberg text (1 hr 53 min)


Part I 19:32 Read by Mark Nelson
Part II 25:36 Read by Mark Nelson
Part III 26:36 Read by Mark Nelson
Part IV 16:01 Read by Mark Nelson
Part V 26:05 Read by Mark Nelson


(5 stars)

great sci-fi thanks Mark thanks Libervox

Enjoyable enough short story

(4 stars)

Appreciable story given the period in which it was written, its length and its subject matter. Overall I was entertained while listening to it, but unfortunately found it to be predictable and the ending a bit lacking. Excellent job at the narration nevertheless!