Puss in Boots, Jr., in New Mother Goose Land

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Children’s story author, David Cory, who gave us the series of Little Jack Rabbit, Billy Bunny, Little Journeys to Happy Land, and the Little Indian stories, gives us another in his Puss-in-Boots, Jr. series. This time, our favorite cat is off to the New Mother Goose Land where he encounters so many familiar characters such as Young Mother Hubbard, Jack and Jill, King Coal, and The Foolish Miller. Come join us for adventures in air ships and trolleys, and enjoy a cup of "Hot Catnip Tea." - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 17 min)


Young Mother Goose 3:38 Read by Larry Wilson
What the Rooster Said 3:04 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
The Hat House 4:14 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
Pinky-toe Song 3:45 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
Young Mother Hubbard 3:01 Read by Agnes Robert Behr
Puss Goes Sailing in an Air-ship 2:57 Read by TotalEcho
The Silvery Voice in the Sky 4:22 Read by Tressa Collins
A Day in Port 3:30 Read by TotalEcho
The Pretty Dressmaker 3:02 Read by TotalEcho
Candy Town Ferry 3:32 Read by TotalEcho
The Little Blue Chauffeur 3:32 Read by Glendav7
The Little Dapple Motor-car 3:13 Read by Glendav7
Waking the Princess 3:29 Read by Rebecca Lindsey
Jack and Jill 3:25 Read by Rebecca Lindsey
New Man in the Moon 2:49 Read by Glendav7
The Trolley-car 5:17 Read by mleigh
Queerville 3:10 Read by Glendav7
Shooting-stars 3:37 Read by Rebecca Lindsey
Dapple Gray Was Balky 3:32 Read by RosiesReading
Hot Catnip Tea 3:35 Read by RosiesReading
Yankee Doodle Up in the Air 2:52 Read by Kishan
Mary Had a Little Pom 4:22 Read by mleigh
Lots of Things Happen 3:22 Read by Agnes Robert Behr
Poor Moon! 3:24 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Back to the Sawdust Ring 3:12 Read by sarah louise pieplow
Don’t Tell a Lie 2:52 Read by David Newbold
The Silver-fish 3:48 Read by David Newbold
Home to the Old Farm 3:19 Read by David Newbold
Puss Has a Narrow Escape 3:32 Read by tsomingliu
King Coal and King Cinder 3:09 Read by tsomingliu
The Tale of Sir Launcelot 3:34 Read by tsomingliu
The Foolish Miller 3:17 Read by tsomingliu
More about Rock-a-by Baby 3:33 Read by tsomingliu
The Fly-man 3:01 Read by sarah louise pieplow
The Mouse-chase 2:43 Read by Kishan
The Little Gold Ring 3:15 Read by sarah louise pieplow
A Cheerful Disposition 3:50 Read by sarah louise pieplow
Peter Reforms 3:39 Read by sarah louise pieplow
The Yellow Bird 2:53 Read by Kishan
Sing a Song of Cookies 3:16 Read by Larry Wilson