Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery

Read by Atul Sharma

(4.3 stars; 22 reviews)

A railway engineer by training, Freeman Wills Crofts often relied on railway themes for his plots, with careful attention to details and schedules. Having retired from the railway in 1929 to devote himself full time to writing, he is considered part of the golden age of detective fiction, along with Raymond Chandler and Agatha Christie. Until his death in 1957, he produced more than 30 novels, short-stories, and plays. In his fifth book in 1924, he introduced the character of Inspector Joseph French, a Scotland Yard detective whose approach to crime was far more workman-like than most other fictional sleuths. In this book, he tells the story of Maxwell Cheyne, who is mysteriously drugged in a country inn and awakens to find that his home has been burgled, although nothing is missing. As Cheyne is pursued by a gang of relentless criminals, Inspector French of Scotland Yard must untangle their mysterious conspiracy. - Summary by ASharma (8 hr 53 min)


The Episode in the Plymouth Hotel 30:03 Read by Atul Sharma
Burglary! 22:57 Read by Atul Sharma
The Launch “Enid” 28:45 Read by Atul Sharma
Concerning a Peerage 25:35 Read by Atul Sharma
An Amateur Sleuth 27:44 Read by Atul Sharma
The House in Hopefield Avenue 20:13 Read by Atul Sharma
Miss Joan Merrill 25:10 Read by Atul Sharma
A Council of War 24:52 Read by Atul Sharma
Mr. Speedwell Plays His Hand 25:31 Read by Atul Sharma
The New Firm Gets Busy 25:17 Read by Atul Sharma
Otto Schulz’s Secret 30:24 Read by Atul Sharma
In the Enemy’s Lair 30:33 Read by Atul Sharma
Inspector French Takes Charge 26:18 Read by Atul Sharma
The Clue of the Clay-marked Shoe 27:10 Read by Atul Sharma
The Torn Hotel Bill 28:45 Read by Atul Sharma
A Tale of Two Cities 28:03 Read by Atul Sharma
On the Flood Tide 27:25 Read by Atul Sharma
A Visitor from India 25:01 Read by Atul Sharma
The Message of the Tracing 28:26 Read by Atul Sharma
The Goal of the “L’Escaut” 25:43 Read by Atul Sharma


Great Reader - Story Could Have Been Better

(4 stars)

The reader was very good. I especially liked the voice he used for Dangle - a smooth confidence trickster! The story - at least up until the point that French enters the fray - left something to be desired. Cheyne is a rather foolish young man.

(5 stars)

Excellent story, although don’t hold your breath for the appearance of Inspector French; he comes into it well into the story. Lots of adventure, a wonderful amount of coincidence, just good listening. Entertaining and competent narrator.

Seamanship Ciphers Mystery

(5 stars)

Well thought mystery of a fortune, a cipher & an awful lot of misdeeds & abled bodied liars. Quite a solid & yarn with many twists & whatdoyou knows.....

What a tall tale!

(4.5 stars)

A long story full of twists and turns, but my attention was held by an excellent reader.

excellent story

(5 stars)

Great plot and well read.