The Phoenix and the Carpet

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The Phoenix and the Carpet is a fantasy novel for children, written in 1904 by E. Nesbit. It is the second in a trilogy of novels that began with Five Children and It (1902), and follows the adventures of the same five protagonists – Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and the Lamb. Their mother buys the children a new carpet to replace the one from the nursery that was destroyed in an unfortunate fire accident. Through a series of exciting events, the children find an egg in the carpet which cracks into a talking Phoenix. The Phoenix explains that the carpet is a magical one that will grant them three wishes per day. (Summary from Wikipedia)

(6 hr 37 min)


The Egg 34:07 Read by Kara Shallenberg
The Topless Tower 40:32 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The Queen Cook 46:19 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Two Bazaars 32:24 Read by K Hindall
The Temple 32:53 Read by K Hindall
Doing Good 27:20 Read by ink tree
Mews from Persia 34:14 Read by Padraig O'hIceadha
The Cats, the Cow, and the Burglar 34:06 Read by Padraig O'hIceadha
The Burglar's Bride 32:12 Read by Padraig O'hIceadha
The Hole in the Carpet 23:14 Read by Marion
The Beginning of the End 29:28 Read by kindlibrarian
The End of the End 30:19 Read by Alana Jordan



(3.5 stars)

Dear E. Nesbit fans, I disagree with CauseMoMo (sorry if I got the name wrong) very much so for this amazing book is great for all ages large or small. P.S. It shan't be tolerated.

nice :-)

(2.5 stars)

strange book ! magic

great for all ages!!!!!!!!!

(5 stars)

I love this book very easy to comprehend I think, unlike that idiot who has no idea what they're talking about,I think the name was causemomo (stupid name by the way).I agree with booksnail , lucan b is right


(5 stars)

CauseMoMo Is wrong, great for all

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(5 stars)

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Thanks for the pleasure

(5 stars)

Beautiful story, very good reading by various readers. A pleasure to listen to. Thank you.

The Phoenix

(5 stars)

it's one of my favorite E. Nesbit books :) I grew up with these stories

I liked it so much

(5 stars)

it was such a good book !!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!