Little Jack Rabbit and Professor Crow

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Children’s story author, David Cory, who gave us the series of Little Jack Rabbit, Billy Bunny, Little Journeys to Happy Land, and the Little Indian stories, gives us another in his Little Jack Rabbit series. This time, our favorite Rabbit is off to visit Mr. Crow. But along the way he meets many other friends, such as Polly Parrot, Mr. Grizzly Bear, The Yellow Dog Tramp, and Mr. Tent Maker Caterpillar. Of course there is time for the mystery of The Missing Carrot Cent, and time for Turnip Tea and Lettuce Cake. And no story of Little Jack Rabbit would be complete without at least one Lucky Escape.

The Missing Carrot Cent
Turnip Tea and Lettuce Cake
A Lucky Escape
- Summary by Larry Wilson (1 hr 48 min)


Mistress Spring 3:03 Read by Nicole Bollman
Polly Parrot 3:13 Read by Nicole Bollman
Barnyard Friends 3:01 Read by Kishan
The Wisdom Book 3:19 Read by Kishan
Kindly Seeds 2:53 Read by Kishan
Mr. Grizzly Bear 4:08 Read by Ella
Busy People 3:06 Read by Ella
Old Mother Mischief 3:23 Read by Ella
The Yellow Dog Tramp 5:12 Read by mleigh
The Little Fresh Water Crab 3:01 Read by valroth
Rabbitville P. O. 3:17 Read by valroth
Try, Try Again 3:35 Read by Robert Cheyne
Water Lilies 3:56 Read by Robert Cheyne
Mrs. Cow 3:56 Read by Robert Cheyne
The Railroad Crossing 4:33 Read by Rob E. Brown
Madam Mason Wasp 3:40 Read by Winnifred Assmann
Mr. Tent Maker Caterpillar 3:45 Read by Winnifred Assmann
Flying Seeds 3:34 Read by Hannah Lake
The Ant Lion 3:49 Read by KerrySL
Mrs. Jenny Wren 3:42 Read by RosiesReading
Mrs. Honey Bee 3:50 Read by RosiesReading
The Missing Carrot Cent 3:30 Read by RosiesReading
The Redcoats 3:24 Read by Brize C
Turnip Tea and Lettuce Cake 3:25 Read by Brize C
A Hans Brinker Rabbit 5:30 Read by mleigh
The Foxes' Den 4:33 Read by mleigh
A Lucky Escape 4:37 Read by mleigh
Seeing Two Ways 4:03 Read by Ny Swanson
Valentines 3:52 Read by Ny Swanson