Dere Mable

Read by Rob Kunkel

(4.3 stars; 10 reviews)

Bill is in training camp, preparing to go off to World War I. This book is a collection of love letters written to his sweetheart, Mable. The letters are humorous, mis-spelled, and have many stories of life in an army camp - all from Bill's unique perspective. (summary by Rob Kunkel) (1 hr 2 min)


Part 1 9:15 Read by Rob Kunkel
Part 2 9:20 Read by Rob Kunkel
Part 3 10:01 Read by Rob Kunkel
Part 4 12:21 Read by Rob Kunkel
Part 5 13:22 Read by Rob Kunkel
Part 6 8:40 Read by Rob Kunkel


(1 stars)

The book is very boring and the narration is equally lackluster. The guy sounds like a middle schooler but reads as if he's on an elementary level. And yes, I do understand the character isn't that intelligent but I don't think that has anything to do with the narration.

Pretty funny

(4 stars)

Pretty funny and the book is a good Ring Lardner imitation (see *You Know Me Al*) by Mr Edward Streeter in 1918, and Rob Kunkel sounds like he fits the character just about right. Rob, that's you all over! ;-)

Great fun!

(5 stars)

This is a cute read/listen. The reader suits the book. It's fun and well worth the listen! You just can't help but laugh out loud! Thanks Rob for the recording. Any chance you will do the sequel?

very funny

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable, maybe the funniest audiobook I've heard, out of, oh, 50 or so... (so far).