Bear Creek Collection Volume 1

Read by RK Wilcox

(4.6 stars; 171 reviews)

Breckinridge Elkins is the roughest, toughest, fastest-shootin', hardest-fightin' feller in the Bear Creek settlement, and probably in the entire Humbolt Mountains. As he travels further from home, he single-handedly takes on outlaws, settles (and starts) feuds and tries his hand at romancing the girls. He also discovers a lot of strange customs among other folks, such as building houses out of boards and wearing clothes that ain't buckskins. Set in Nevada during the late 1800's, this collection of stories is a great rollicking romp through the American frontier as seen through the eyes of one of the most enjoyable characters created in the history of tall tales. (Summary by RK Wilcox) (6 hr 30 min)


Mountain Man 35:26 Read by RK Wilcox
Guns of the Mountains 35:18 Read by RK Wilcox
The Scalp Hunter 42:14 Read by RK Wilcox
A Gent From Bear Creek 43:22 Read by RK Wilcox
The Road to Bear Creek 35:33 Read by RK Wilcox
The Haunted Mountain 36:49 Read by RK Wilcox
War on Bear Creek 45:48 Read by RK Wilcox
The Feud Buster 37:22 Read by RK Wilcox
Cupid From Bear Creek 36:47 Read by RK Wilcox
The Riot at Cougar Paw 41:59 Read by RK Wilcox


Robert E. Howard: Humorist

(4 stars)

Not being a fan of western fiction, after 40 plus years of reading Mr. Howard's tales of grim and gory barbarians, puritans, and slimy monsters I never realized until now that he could be funny. A gap in my knowledge is now filled. Thank you LibriVox, thank you RK Wilcox.

(5 stars)

After listening to Howard's other novels I was not sure what was happening for the first minute in this one and then I started laughing so hard I cried... I wish there was more than two volumes :(

rioting mountain man

(4 stars)

This was a fun book to listen to on our weekly transit to therapy for my Dad. He e njoyed this immensely. He is from the mountains of north Carolina so he related to the Breckenridge character and all his kin folk. Men will like it better than women.

Excellent! KUDOS to the reader!

(5 stars)

I have always loved the works of Robert E Howard and the reader could not have done a better job of portraying the characters.

Oh wow this is a hoot!!!

(5 stars)

Reader has a lovely drawl that he uses to add character to the reading. It is very nicely done, thank you!

Favorite Yarn

(5 stars)

I love everything Robert E Howard has written. The Bear Creek stories are the funniest bunch. The reader does a perfect job. So entertaining!


(5 stars)

Stories are very entertaining and RK Wilxcox was born to narrate these. I didn't want it to end.

fantastic collection of stories

(5 stars)

Hilarious stories, very colorful language (in a good way), and an outstanding reading.