Poems Recorded in Deptford and Greenwich

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Armed with a hand-held digital recorder and the Penguin Book of English Verse, LibriVox’s UK Chapter set out one Sunday afternoon to capture some wonderful poems ‘on location’ - in the churchyard of St Nicholas’, Deptford, and the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. (Summary by David Barnes). (0 hr 16 min)


Doctor Faustus (closing lines) 1:18 Read by Graham Redman
Death be not Proud 1:42 Read by Graham Redman
Epitaph on M.H. 1:48 Read by Philippa
Grief 1:08 Read by Cori Samuel
Last night we had a thunderstorm in style... 1:11 Read by Hugh McGuire
Futility 1:06 Read by Carl Manchester
In a London Drawingroom 1:22 Read by David Barnes
Sweet Suffolk Owl 0:49 Read by Philippa
Ulysses (closing lines) 2:10 Read by Graham Redman
Another and another and another... 1:33 Read by Cori Samuel
A Fish Answers (part) 0:57 Read by Carl Manchester
Lines Written on a Window at the Leasowes... 1:01 Read by David Barnes