O Canada!

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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In celebration of Canada Day, 2006, LibriVox volunteers bring you ten different recordings of O Canada!. If you prefer English or French, spoken or sung, you will find a version that suits you here! This was the Weekly Poetry project for the week of June 25th, 2006.
(Summary by Annie Coleman) (0 hr 10 min)


Version 1 - Read in French 1:03 Read by Andrew Miller
Version 2 - Sung in French 1:50 Read by Christiane Levesque
Version 3 - Read in French 0:54 Read by Christiane Levesque
Version 4 - Read in English 1:10 Read by Andrew Miller
Version 5 - Sung in English 1:29 Read by Christiane Levesque
Version 6 - Read in English 0:43 Read by Esther
Version 7 - Read in English 0:54 Read by Elizabeth Palmer
Version 8 - Sung in English 1:26 Read by Karen Savage
Version 9 - Read in English 0:30 Read by Matthew Royal
Version 10 - Read in English 0:46 Read by Tyler



(5 stars)

I am a big fan of your rendition of O Canada. I wanted to know if I could get the permission to use it in a film. Please let me know. My email is alexisk22@gmail.com

free to use

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All librivox recordings are in the public domain - you can use it for whatever you want. The reader and Librivox would love it if you would put in an acknowledgement, however!