The New Jerusalem

Read by Ray Clare

(4.6 stars; 29 reviews)

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Dale Ahlquist calls the book a "philosophical travelogue" of Chesterton's journey across Europe to Palestine. "On the road to Cairo one may see twenty groups exactly like that of the Holy Family in the pictures of the Flight into Egypt; with only one difference. The man is riding on the ass."

"The real mistake of the Muslims is something much more modern in its application than any particular passing persecution of Christians as such. It lay in the very fact that they did think they had a simpler and saner sort of Christianity, as do many modern Christians. They thought it could be made universal merely by being made uninteresting. Now a man preaching what he thinks is a platitude is far more intolerant than a man preaching what he admits is a paradox. It was exactly because it seemed self-evident, to Muslims as to Bolshevists, that their simple creed was suited to everybody, that they wished in that particular sweeping fashion to impose it on everybody." (Summary from Wikipedia) (10 hr 8 min)


Preface 4:28 Read by Ray Clare
The Way of the Cities 36:45 Read by Ray Clare
The Way of the Desert 45:27 Read by Ray Clare
The Gates of the City 41:13 Read by Ray Clare
The Philosophy of Sight-Seeing 35:34 Read by Ray Clare
The Streets of the City 49:43 Read by Ray Clare
The Groups of the City 44:00 Read by Ray Clare
The Shadow of the Problem 34:31 Read by Ray Clare
The Other Side of the Desert 45:18 Read by Ray Clare
The Battle with the Dragon 46:04 Read by Ray Clare
The Endless Empire 43:36 Read by Ray Clare
The Meaning of the Crusade 52:36 Read by Ray Clare
The Fall of Chivalry 51:27 Read by Ray Clare
The Problem of Zionism 1:12:09 Read by Ray Clare
Conclusion 5:47 Read by Ray Clare



(5 stars)

Is the disclaimer really necessary? Everyone knows this book was written in (oops, no date)...maybe we should put a date on this book so our muslim brothers know it wasn't written in 2003, etc.


(4 stars)

100 years have not dulled Chesterton's pointed insights. Good production of an incredible volume.

Chesterton is once again on the wrong side of history

(5 stars)

Chesterton, an old white male, writes from the perspective of a notorious anti-semite. His view and values might as well have come from the last century. He failed to bring up modern issues like endemic raycyst white nationalism under Donald Trump. No mention of the oppression of 2SLGBTQTIA+ persons by people such as his self. Shame. The Publisher should be shunned.

A good book, but easily the worst Chesterton I have come across.

(3 stars)