Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome

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(4.3 stars; 292 reviews)

This is a comprehensive collection of all the major and minor gods of Rome and Greece, with descriptions of festivals and retellings of major mythological stories. (Summary by Sibella) (11 hr 23 min)


01 - Preface, Part I: Myths, and The First Dynasty 17:28 Read by Sibella Denton
02 - The Second Dynasty: Chronus, Rhea, Division of the World, Theories as to t… 23:45 Read by Anthony Wilson
03 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Zeus (Jupiter) 11:29 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
04 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hera, Pallas Athene, Themis, and Hestia 17:25 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
05 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Demeter and Aphrodite 28:09 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
06 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Phoebus-Apollo 40:38 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
07 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hecate and Selene 5:16 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
08 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Artemis 24:47 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
09 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hephaetus and Poseidon 21:28 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
10 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Oceanus through Nike 21:19 Read by Lizzie Driver
11 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Hermes 14:33 Read by SopranoHarmony
12 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Dionysus 16:52 Read by Aaron Elliott
13 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Aides and Plutus 14:03 Read by Anthony Wilson
14 - Third Dynasty: Minor Divinities 10:08 Read by SopranoHarmony
15 - Third Dynasty: Night and Her Children- Nyx through Eros and Psyche 29:15 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
16 - Third Dynasty: Night and Her Children- Hymen through the Charities or Grac… 18:20 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
17 - Third Dynasty: Night and Her Children- Horae through Asclepias 32:11 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
18 - Third Dynasty: Roman Divinities 18:47 Read by Anthony Wilson
19 - Public Worship of the Ancient Greeks and Romans 17:38 Read by Anthony Wilson
20 - Greek Festivals 6:56 Read by Sibella Denton
21 - Roman Festivals 3:22 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
22 - Legends: Cadmus and Perseus 17:33 Read by Graham Redman
23 - Legends: Ion and Daedelus and Icarus 7:33 Read by ink tree
24 - Legends: The Argonauts 47:52 Read by Luigina
25 - Legends: Pelops and Heracles - part 1 31:24 Read by Graham Redman
25 - Legends: Pelops and Heracles - part 2 30:53 Read by Graham Redman
26 - Legends: Bellerophon and Theseus 25:33 Read by David Nicol
27 - Legends: Oedipus and The Seven against Thebes 16:12 Read by Anthony Wilson
28 - Legends: The Epigoni, Alcmaeon and the Necklace, and The Heraclidae 15:47 Read by Anthony Wilson
29 - Legends: The Siege of Troy 49:31 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
30 - Return of the Greeks and Romans from Troy 47:48 Read by Lucy Lo Faro


(5 stars)

What do you ingrates do listen out for errors and something you can complain about to judge the readers especially those of you who sound like you could of done so much better..Story was not read to your standards?? Instead of listening to the story which is free you rather judge than listen.If you can do better, do it!!! Instead of whining about a free, much appreciated site..

(4 stars)

comprehensive and fun. this book is great for anyone desiring a conceptual knowledge of greek mythology. the narrator from new south wales australia, is great. there are several mistakes by other readers (i.e. nike, demeter, dionysis, were misread) but the error doesnt detract the whimsy of reading about ancient gods. good job librivox.

Great book! Better readers needed.

(4 stars)

I remember using this for study and worship back when I still did religion. great text. however, the 3rd reader's inflection is poorly timed, and emphasis is placed in the wrong parts. I understand word structure is different between aussie, murrica, and brit, but it just doesn't sound very good. since this is an audio book, I can't give it 5 stars, even though I give the actual book 5.

a comprehensive review

(4 stars)

A wonderfully comprehensive reference for anyone wanting a thorough but not overly detailed overview of the ancient legends and myths of Greece and Rome. The language is quite antiquated by modern standards but is nonetheless understandable and great for expanding your vocabulary.

Good Overview

(2.5 stars)

Good overview, but misses some "interesting" details such as what body part of Uranus created Aphrodite and some other myths I enjoyed reading but weren't in this book. Seems really light on the Roman myths too, but I haven't really heard many so maybe they just took all the Greek ones.

Amaro katria

(5 stars)

I think the story was pretty good and it had a lot of good contacts and and I think it should win an award because it was very good and it made me fall asleep right away not that it was boring or anything but it was really good and it made me not that it was anything still it was so so yeah I saw that myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome was a very good book audiobook to be precise meru books can be very boring sometimes but when you get them exactly right they are good so this book a five stars but it also was kind of mixed up till I Got High mixed up so I give it five and a half star

No shame but no glory either

(3 stars)

Book review: "Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome" by E.M. Berens. Greece is the cradle of Western civilization. Even after thousands of years our culture and society continues to be heavily influenced by the beliefs, myths and legends of these ancient peoples. For that reason, once upon a time the educational system in the United States included formal instruction about the classics, and in his desire to provide students with a concise volume on this subject, E.M. Berens penned this work. In it you will read about the origin of the gods, their quarrels, love affairs, and blessings to humanity. You will also become acquainted with ancient heroes like Hercules, Jason, Ion, Cadmus, Persius, and many more. There is also a section on their religious beliefs and practices, for which I was particularly grateful. It is truly a wonderful book with only one flaw: its brevity. One of the things that makes the myths and legends of Ancient Greece eternal is the depth they carried. The stories are masterpieces because they dig into the essence of what it means to be human, in all its frivolity, fatality and search for purpose. Unfortunately, due to its shortness, this element is utterly missing in "Myths and Legends." However, I do not wish to discourage anyone from reading it, since this book serves as a good introduction or an overview on the classics.

(2 stars)

I make no pretense of being knowledgeable of the true histories of these stories. I would, however, ask that as you enjoy these types of writings, you'll note that the subtle changes of the same story (as to expected given the different writing styles), willing greatly impact your imagined thoughts of what happened and to whom. This, for movie goer's, may hold to be more true than not.