The Napoleon of Notting Hill

Read by Ray Clare

(4.5 stars; 63 reviews)

While the novel is humorous (one instance has the King sitting on top of an omnibus and speaking to it as to a horse: "Forward, my beauty, my Arab," he said, patting the omnibus encouragingly, "fleetest of all thy bounding tribe"), it is also an adventure story: Chesterton is not afraid to let blood be drawn in his battles, fought with sword and halberd in the London streets, and Wayne thinks up a few ingenious strategies; and, finally, the novel is philosophical, considering the value of one man's actions and the virtue of respect for one's enemies. (Summary from Wikipedia) (5 hr 56 min)


(4 stars)

Thank you for the excellent reading of this little known tale. Chesterton always has a unique way of highlighting human nature

A Thoroughly Chestertonian Adventure

(5 stars)

In Chesterton’s hypothetical late 20th century London, a foolish despot’s elaborate joke turns bloody when one young man takes it completely seriously. This story has moments of irony, disappointment, and exhilarating victory, and is all capped off by a metaphysical ending almost as mystifying as the ending of “The Man who was Thursday.”

a whole new world

(5 stars)

Thank you to Mr. Raymond Clare for a great reading. I was never able to get through a paper version of Chesterton. Here I was able to imagine what the written words meant. Would look for other books read by same.

wonderful beautiful intriguing

(4.5 stars)

This book is a must read. It’s got so mich good packed into so few pages. While Chesterton is not the greatest writer, his ideas and storyline are amazing. Hard to put this down. I want to read it again.


(5 stars)

Those acquainted with Chesterton know to expect strangeness in his works and this is no exception. A comical and philosophical "dystopian" story completely unlike any other you've ever read.


(2.5 stars)

Enjoyed The Man Who Was Thursday and The Man Who Knew Too Much but struggled to get through this

Great story, read by a great reader.

(5 stars)

It's Raycyst

(4 stars)

Here Chesterton mocks the courageous anti-raycst white liberals who set up an Capital Hill Automobile zone in the Pacific North West of America circa 2020 CE. Bezos needs to crush this cultural imperialist with the might fish of racial equLity. Remember the only way to have true freedom is to subscribe to Amazon Prime and purchase writings curated by the world's richest corporations that discuss inequality