Understood Betsy

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

(4.8 stars; 321 reviews)

Understood Betsy is a 1916 novel for children by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. The story tells of Elizabeth Ann, a 9-year-old orphan who goes from a sheltered existence with her father's aunt Harriet and cousin Frances in the city, to living on a Vermont farm with her mother's family, the Putneys, whose child-rearing practices had always seemed suspect to Harriet and her daughter. In her new rural life, Elizabeth Ann comes to be nicknamed "Betsy," and to find that many activities that Frances had always thought too demanding for a little girl are considered, by the Putney family, ordinary expectations for a child: walking to school alone, cooking, and having household duties to perform.

The child thrives in her new environment, learning to make butter, boil maple syrup, and tend the animals. When Frances announces she is to be married and has come to "save" Elizabeth Ann from the dreaded Putney cousins, she is amazed to discover that the little girl is quite content to stay. The story ends after Frances has returned home, with Betsy, her aunt Abigail, uncle Henry, and cousin Ann sitting quietly and happily around the fireplace enjoying the knowledge they will now be a family for good. (Summary from Wikipedia) (4 hr 36 min)


01 - Aunt Harriet Has a Cough 26:38 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
02 - Betsy Holds the Reins 25:26 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
03 - A Short Morning 22:36 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
04 - Betsy Goes to School 15:56 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
05 - What Grade is Betsy? 20:51 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
06 - If You Don't Like Conversation in a Book Skip this Chapter! 26:13 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
07 - Elizabeth Ann Fails in an Examination 24:41 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
08 - Betsy Starts a Sewing Society 25:34 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
09 - The New Clothes Fail 16:12 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
10 - Betsy Has a Birthday 33:12 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
11 - "Understood Aunt Frances" 38:43 Read by Lee Ann Howlett


Hated to see story end

(4 stars)

Excellent reader and good storyline. Easy to get involved in characters lives.

So Enjoyable!

(5 stars)

My nine year old daughter and I listened to this together and we loved it. If you are a fan of the Little House books, and you like a witty bit of writing mixed in here and there, you will be entertained.

(4.5 stars)

I'm making a book for my mother about this oxox

(5 stars)

I have not finished the book of Understood Betsy and it seems like aunt Frances is telling Betsy bad stuff about the putnys when they're not bad at all.

understood Betsy

(5 stars)

a must listen. I began listening because it was required for my grandson and became so involved I finished it ahead if him. I loved it


(5 stars)

My husband and myself, and our seven children ranged from 12 years old down all adored this book! The reader did a wonderful job.

Fantastic Reader

(4.5 stars)

Mom read this book to us in school! We enjoyed it very much! Now that I am 11 years old I still listen to it! So you can tell how much I enjoy it!!❤️❤️. Lee Anne Howlett is one of my Favourite readers Now! Unfortunately there is no more of Understood Betsy! I will always remember this BOOK!!! I hope everyone that listens to this LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ Once again Thank you Lee Ann Howlett!! ❤️ ❤️

This is a great book.

(5 stars)

This is a great story, I encourage many people to read or listen to this book, L.A.H. did a great reading with all the characters. A great book by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Giving this a five star review and you should too! Definitely read this.