Romeo and Juliet

Read by Becky Miller

(4.4 stars; 394 reviews)

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays and is thought to be the most famous love story in Western history. It concerns the fate of two very young lovers who would do anything to be together

The Montagues and the Capulets of Verona, Italy, are in the midst of a long-standing feud when Romeo Montague drops in on a masquerade party at the Capulets’. While there he meets and woos the daughter of the house, Juliet. She likewise returns his passion, and their secret meeting later that night on her bedroom balcony begins a series of tragic events that no one could have foretold. (Summary by Becky Crackel) (3 hr 2 min)


Act 1 46:15 Read by Becky Miller
Act 2 39:46 Read by Becky Miller
Act 3 45:32 Read by Becky Miller
Act 4 23:40 Read by Becky Miller
Act 5 26:49 Read by Becky Miller


love younge

(5 stars)

Tell stroy of younges loves as u known i think boy and girll have comeing of ange stroy :)

Romio and Juliet

(5 stars)

rather good, and enjoyed by me and my mother. Helped me in my English class.


(5 stars)

l think you have a good voice who ever sounded it out dont lisen to the people that are being mean to you there just jellous and mean i think u have a really good voice u hade a few mistakes but u can fix them and ever body makes masakes evan i did whriting thi see its not that bad right! lthis is awesome a book put it can read to u


(5 stars)

I loved it .... just he voice wasn't right to be able to image every step of the play it needed the right voice ... I liked the voice but I would like something better I love Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

(5 stars)

one of my favorite classics is Romeo and Juliet. it was narrated really well.


(5 stars)

The girl allows herself to be seduced by the evil male phallus. She needs to be re-educated. In A just society, she would be taught to hate all things male. Also no BIPOC representation. No non-binary, non-normativw gender constructs represented. People argue over who really wrote Shakespeare. After reading this work of phalogocentric heteronormativity, I think we can all conclude, that the real author was in fact none other than Aldolf Hitler!!!!

(3 stars)

Classic story, good to hear it, but while the reader herself did a good job, the contrast between quiet and loud wrecked my ears as I had to have the volume up to hear over background noise for the quiet moments. This possibly wasn't helped by microphone quality/distance from microphone.

Fairly Good

(3.5 stars)

The story, as it is Romeo and Juliet, was wonderful. The audio was not very well though and from time to time there was a lot of background noise. I still do enjoy this story.