The Land that Time Forgot

Read by Ralph Snelson

(4.5 stars; 1966 reviews)

The Land That Time Forgot is a science fiction novel, the first of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Caspak trilogy. His working title for the story was "The Lost U-Boat." Starting out as a harrowing wartime sea adventure, the story ultimately develops into that of a fantastical lost world. (Adapted from Wikipedia.)

Link to The People that Time Forgot (Caspak series #2)
Link to Out of Time’s Abyss (Caspak series #3) (3 hr 49 min)


Chapter 1 22:09 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 2 22:36 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 3 29:54 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 4 44:55 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 5 22:30 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 6 22:51 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 7 11:28 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 8 23:11 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 9 18:08 Read by Ralph Snelson
Chapter 10 11:42 Read by Ralph Snelson


(4.5 stars)

Edgar rice Burroughs is one of the best adventure authors. In written fight scenes, it can be difficult to really feel like you’re there, but he writes them perfectly. And Snelson narrates them perfectly. He narrated this excellently. And, as a female myself, I tend to get annoyed by the ridiculous voices male narrators tend to give their female characters. Thankfully, Snelson does an decent job at that too! Wonderful book and wonderfully narrated. My only complaint is that the book isn’t longer. Lol.

A Compelling Story and a Convincing Reader

(5 stars)

I love the intrigue between an early submarine and the contrast of the terrifying and primitive life of the earliest creatures on Earth. The romance during this narrative gives the reader a sort of addiction to the story, which is indeed believable.

Enjoyable, but the plot is somewhat convenient

(3 stars)

Secret dinosaur world is all I knew and came for and all I wanted, so I was disappointed at how late in the book they get to it. I didn't know it was a trilogy then. It is more understandable now. Little relevant conflict comes from the environment. For the most part this is a convenient hero's tale fighting evildoers and savages in a outdated prehistoric themed wildernes. There is some original lore surrounding the hominids that I like and I'll continue reading for it. It is nicely read.

great novel!

(4.5 stars)

Great simple listen, I really enjoyed this book, it was a predictable science fiction but not in a bad way. I grew up with “the land before time” movie and loved it as a child, but this series is very far from what I expected. I can’t wait to read the next two!

Excellent. Good 1st story in this series.

(5 stars)

First time listening to this book. So different than the movies. Quite a surprising ending. I'm looking forward to the continuing story in the 2nd book. Very well read

Great Read

(4 stars)

This book is worth the read. I appreciate older books and authors as I do not like cheap do store novels. if you like the Princess of Mars you will like this book.

(5 stars)

As a kid, I loved the cheesy movie starring Doug McClure. I listened to the book to see how far the movie strayed from the source material. Pleasantly surprised by how close it remains.

(5 stars)

Excellent book and excellent reading, Mr. Ralph does an amazing job of making you feel like your sitting right there with him sharing this story, a great talent and a wonderfully written book!!!!!