The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Version 2)

Read by Kristin Hughes

(4.6 stars; 71 reviews)

After hearing Mr. Enfield's account of a distressing event involving Edward Hyde, the heir of his friend, Henry Jekyll, John Utterson is convinced that Jekyll's relationship with Hyde is built on something sinister. Utterson's concern for his friend is not unfounded but the reasons aren't quite what he, at first, believes. (Summary by Kristin Hughes)

(2 hr 49 min)


01 - Story of the Door 14:15 Read by Kristin Hughes
02 - Search for Mr. Hyde 19:18 Read by Kristin Hughes
03 - Dr. Jekyll Was Quite At Ease 5:35 Read by Kristin Hughes
04 - The Carew Murder Case 10:41 Read by Kristin Hughes
05 - Incident of the Letter 10:43 Read by Kristin Hughes
06 - Incident of Dr. Lanyon 9:58 Read by Kristin Hughes
07 - Incident of the Window 4:06 Read by Kristin Hughes
08 - The Last Night 29:46 Read by Kristin Hughes
09 - Dr. Lanyon's Narrative 18:43 Read by Kristin Hughes
10 - Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case 46:47 Read by Kristin Hughes


Excellent reading

(5 stars)

I started listening to another version of this work and voice was too monotone for me. After the first couple of chapters I looked for other versions and came across this one. I found this to be an exellent reading, really clear and expressive and it immensely increased my enjoyment of the book.

Quality recording

(5 stars)

Read nicely by Kristen Hughes, this reading of a classic story is all too quick and good to pass up.


(5 stars)

fantastic reading by Kristin Hughes of a book exploring man's fear of his 'dark' side. very fun.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Version 2)

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!

buena lectura

(5 stars)

muy buena lectura me ha ayudado mucho

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde

(3.5 stars)

(5 stars)

excellent reading! very entertaining and easy to follow