Space Viking

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.4 stars; 695 reviews)

A galactic war has left the Terran Federation in ruins. Formerly civilized planets have decivilized into barbarism. Space Vikings roam the wreckage, plundering and killing for gain. Lord Lucas Trask of Traskon was no admirer of the Space Vikings, but when murder takes his wife on his wedding day, Trask trades everything he has for his own Space Viking ship and sets out on a galaxy-wide quest for revenge. (Summary by Mark Nelson)

(7 hr 37 min)


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great book

(5 stars)

Book was really good and enjoyed the person reading it only complaint is that it ended too early I mean great ending to the story being told, but was so wrapped up in all the characters that I wanted to know what happened to everyone after the story was over. Book let me with allot of questions at the end.

Space Viking

(5 stars)

I absolutely Love this book! The story is a great tale of adventure and search for vengeance. As always expertly read by Mark Nelson who in my opinion is the best narrator around!

(4 stars)

The narration was great! The book itself was a different look. It's focus was on how people can progress and/or regress, and there was lots of politics. Wasn't as light or fast as other space novels, but enjoyable nonetheless. (And it does leave lots of loose ends.)

Space Viking

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book. It has interesting views on democracy and feudalism. Piper wrote a great book with memorable characters and a fun storyline. I was hooked all the way through. My only complaint is that this wasn't a huge series like Star Trek. I'd love to see how things turn out. Also, Mark did a great job reading this book. His tone was not as monotonous as the other reviews would leave you to believe. He makes this story even better.

Good space adventure

(3 stars)

The story is good, a little hard to follow at times. The good guy isn't so good. The book is expertly read, top notch.

My mind was pillaged of a theme ancillary to story

(3.5 stars)

A really good story. It made me more focused as to the obvious problems with democracies: Like; in a democratic loony-bin, the sane person is the crazy one. Or people whom have agendas antithetical to democracy itself are able to profit by democracy's destruction (or corruption). For me, it pointed out the fact that our system (democracy) is in desperate need of psychoanalytic tests to verify potential leaders cognitive reasoning capabilities, level of sociopathic tendencies & wholeness of self worth/worthiness. Then we'd get less people who are part of the problem - who think whipping boys, reservations, creationism & Confederate flags are good ideas. Or think darwinism negates God and that test are the means by which you exclude groups of people for no rational reason.

Honestly one of the best science fiction books ever written.

(5 stars)

It's hard to express just how excellent this book is. I am amazed that I had never heard of this book before now, it should be on every top ten science fiction books of the 20th century list. It holds up extremely well even after more than 50 years, unlike many futurist science fiction stories which seem absurd from a present day perspective. I think that as a parable it is probably more relevant today than it was when it was written (but I won't spoil how). The reading is also absolutely top notch! If you enjoy science fiction, listen to this recording, seriously!

It's ok just lacking a bit

(3 stars)

found it kind of hard to follow, new people, places and things crop up almost at random, there is lots that could have been cut to push the book forward quicker. spoiler alert, he just forgets his murdered wife after 6 years and falls for some other girl, it just kind of ends. there isn't enough character development it's all, the king of this, the queen of here. there was so much scope for betrayal and intrigue but I found my thoughts wandering. just didn't grab me but that said I did listen to the whole thing and kept me entertained enough at work. reading was good too.