History of the Britons

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One of the earliest recorded histories of Britain; Nennius wrote the book around 796BC. These days Nennius is recognised as being a teller, and embellisher, of historic characters and events; but his book is notable as one of the earliest that mention Arthur (of Arthurian legend). (Summary by Alan Stealey) (1 hr 27 min)


Prologue p.1-3(s.1-3) 5:29 Read by BUAES
Adam to Hoctor p.3-7(s.4-14) 13:35 Read by Amy Gramour
The Romans p.7-12(s.15-30) 15:59 Read by Amy Gramour
Vortigern p.12-18(s.31-42) 20:23 Read by Amy Gramour
Vortimer p.18-21(s.43-49) 9:19 Read by Amy Gramour
Arthur p.21-23(s.50) 5:28 Read by Amy Gramour
St. Partick p.23-27(s.51-61) 5:44 Read by Amy Gramour
Genealogy p.27-29(s.62-66) 11:20 Read by Amy Gramour


(4 stars)

The book is fascinating, but the description is wrong; this book was written ca. 800AD, not 800BC. I'm fairly certain Christianity wasn't popular in Britain in 800BC.