Rob Roy

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(3.6 stars; 46 reviews)

Rob Roy is a historical novel by Walter Scott. It is narrated by Frank Osbaldistone, the son of an English merchant who travels first to the North of England, and subsequently to the Scottish Highlands to collect a debt stolen from his father. On the way he encounters the larger-than-life title character of Rob Roy MacGregor. Though Rob Roy is not the lead character (in fact the narrative does not move to Scotland until half way through the book) his personality and actions are key to the development of the novel. (Summary from Wikipedia) (21 hr 3 min)


01 - Introduction Part 1 23:37 Read by Lizzie Driver
02 - Introduction Part 2 31:16 Read by Lizzie Driver
03 - Introduction Part 3 29:13 Read by Mike Harris
04 - Introduction Part 4 30:31 Read by Mike Harris
05 - Introduction Part 5 33:27 Read by Chris Caron
06 - Letters and Editors Note 46:00 Read by Mike Harris
07 - Vol.1 Chp 1 19:40 Read by James Christopher
08 - Vol.1 Chp 2 35:32 Read by Felicity C
09 - Vol.1 Chp 3 15:16 Read by gaidheal
10 - Vol.1 Chp 4 19:32 Read by Robert Fletcher
11 - Vol.1 Chp 5 22:25 Read by Mike Bloomfield
12 - Vol.1 Chp 6 30:50 Read by Felicity C
13 - Vol.1 Chp 7 25:57 Read by Felicity C
14 - Vol.1 Chp 8 27:08 Read by Felicity C
15 - Vol.1 Chp 9 36:06 Read by Felicity C
16 - Vol.1 Chp 10 29:27 Read by Kathryn Lois
17 - Vol.1 Chp 11 19:43 Read by Angel5
18 - Vol.1 Chp 12 20:47 Read by Samanem
19 - Vol.1 Chp 13 27:44 Read by Mike Harris
20 - Vol.1 Chp 14 27:57 Read by Mike Harris
21 - Vol.1 Chp 15 15:26 Read by Felicity C
22 - Vol.1 Chp 16 15:57 Read by Mike Harris
23 - Vol.1 Chp 17 24:07 Read by Mike Harris
24 - Vol.2 Chp 1 26:10 Read by Robert Fletcher
25 - Vol.2 Chp 2 17:23 Read by Michael Reuss
26 - Vol.2 Chp 3 22:09 Read by Michael Reuss
27 - Vol.2 Chp 4 25:23 Read by Katie Riley
28 - Vol.2 Chp 5 30:59 Read by Katie Riley
29 - Vol.2 Chp 6 27:12 Read by Katie Riley
30 - Vol.2 Chp 7 19:00 Read by Felicity C
31 - Vol.2 Chp 8 26:48 Read by Felicity C
32 - Vol.2 Chp 9 38:20 Read by Angel5
33 - Vol.2 Chp 10 23:18 Read by Felicity C
34 - Vol.2 Chp 11 38:57 Read by Felicity C
35 - Vol.2 Chp 12 26:56 Read by Felicity C
36 - Vol.2 Chp 13 36:47 Read by Felicity C
37 - Vol.2 Chp 14 38:55 Read by Felicity C
38 - Vol.2 Chp 15 36:39 Read by Felicity C
39 - Vol.2 Chp 16 24:46 Read by Felicity C
40 - Vol.2 Chp 17 44:59 Read by Felicity C
41 - Vol.2 Chp 18 30:31 Read by Elliott Miller
42 - Vol.2 Chp 19 20:48 Read by Elliott Miller
43 - Vol.2 Chp 20 26:13 Read by Elliott Miller
44 - Vol.2 Chp 21 21:41 Read by Elliott Miller
45 - Vol.2 Chp 22 28:41 Read by Elliott Miller
46 - Post Script and Notes 22:46 Read by Felicity C


Rob Roy

(3 stars)

Elliott Miller is by the best reader of this tale. His pronunciation of the Scottish accent it's by far the easiest for this American to understand. Though others were melodic and perhaps more accurate, I had to download the Kindle reader version to understand the conversations off the Scots characters. Despite this difficulty I still would recommend this to anyone desiring to listen to this tale.


(2 stars)

I understand they are not scottish readers however attempts at the accents up until now have been terrible. they have made story difficult for me to understand as it sounds anything but scottish. I am grateful of this free service however maybe be better without the accents. I am scottish and lived in scotland all my life.


(3.5 stars)

A good adventure, made tedious by the ill-serving use of poor dialect. I fail to see why the readers felt it incumbant to resort to the cheesy Scots accents.; it served no purpose other than to confuse the listener and diminish enjoyment of the story. When listening to stories from ancient Rome, I do not need Latin to remind me where we are; neither, then, do I require dialect to remind me that we are in Scotland. The readers otherwise did fine jobs and I presume that the use of dialects was suggested by some editor at Librivox. Listen to it, but be prepared to re-lisren to several sections.

(5 stars)

Are all Scotts' works great? again it takes 3-5 chapters to get into, while Scott paints a background. I can usually guess the mystery, but this book had me wrong til the end. As for accents, if you speak another language you can interpret in your head, and that's what I did although a few words kept me guessing and context gave the meaning. Also Collins dictionary. We've lost many words since the 1700s.

I quite liked it.

(5 stars)

When I first began listening to this, I thought it was boring. I got further along in it, and I realized it most definitely was not! This has been a wonderful listen, even if the fake Scottish accents are a bit iffy to understand. The story was well written and really interesting. That one cousin (Rashleigh??) is a real character, I'll say! McGregor was awesome.

(3 stars)

Engaging adventure! Unfortunately for me, a person who speaks American English, much of the reading was very difficult if not impossible to understand but I still enjoyed the story and I appreciate the readers efforts and dedication. Listen to 40 : Vol 2 ch. 17 before you start. If you can understand it, then have no fear.

A lovely tale

(5 stars)

A most fascinating and informative story. It taught me much about Scotland.

(2.5 stars)

Very hard to understand the Scottish accents used in some of the recordings