Mother Goose for Grownups

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.2 stars; 3 reviews)

Mother Goose for Grownups is a delightfully silly collection of parodies on well-known Mother Goose tales by Guy Wetmore Carryl. (Summary by fink) (1 hr 6 min)


nursery rhymes for adults

(2.5 stars)

If you are a fan of nursery rhymes you might like these little ditties. Some are clever, some overdone stretching alliterations too far. Narration was poor for several but I’m guessing it is because the cadence was off and that can make it different to read. Found nothing memorable or worth listening to again. But You aught to try one for yourself.

Very Entertaining

(5 stars)

This short collection of clever poems was a joy to listen to, and I found myself laughing aloud more than once.