The Raven (Multilingual)

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The Raven, by Edgar Alan Poe, is one of the most famous poems ever written. First published in 1845, it was soon reprinted, illustrated, emulated, becoming one of the icons of American literature and giving its author immediate and lasting fame. Its popularity is represented in this collection, that brings together the original poem and a series of translations by various translators, who tried to bring the musicality, theme and atmosphere of "The Raven" to their native languages. (Summary by Leni)

Texts of the translations in this collection as pdf (3 hr 7 min)


English: The Raven 7:55 Read by Matt
English: The Raven 8:35 Read by Timothy Ferguson
English: The Raven 8:23 Read by Anne Cheng
Dutch: De Raaf (John F. Malta) 7:51 Read by Julie VW
Dutch: De Raaf (Jacob van Lennep) 7:41 Read by Anna Simon
Finnish: Korppi (Valter Juva) 9:10 Read by no-forum-name-33
French: Le Corbeau (Charles Baudelaire) 12:35 Read by Didier
French: Le Corbeau (Stephane Mallarme) 10:39 Read by Aldor
French: Le Corbeau (Maurice Rollinat) 8:08 Read by Ezwa
French: Le Corbeau (Jean George Tollemache Sinclair) 5:02 Read by mjbrichant
German: Der Rabe (Carl Theodore Eben) 10:49 Read by Hokuspokus
German: Der Rabe (Hedwig Lachmann) 8:49 Read by Katieamp
German: Der Rabe (Theodor Etzel) 7:05 Read by McCavity
Italian: Il Corvo (Francesco Contaldi) 6:19 Read by Daniele
Latin: Corvus (Lewis (Ludovicus) Gidley) 8:52 Read by hefyd
Portuguese: O Corvo (Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis) 8:00 Read by Leni
Portuguese: O Corvo (Alfredo Ferreira Rodrigues) 8:09 Read by Lucas M.
Russian: Voron (Konstantin Dmitrievich Bal’mont) 7:53 Read by Betina
Spanish: El Cuervo (Juan Antonio Perez Bonalde) 7:32 Read by Karen Savage
Swedish: Korpen (Viktor Rydberg) 9:27 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
Yiddish: Der Rob (I. Kissin) 9:07 Read by Joseph Finkberg
Yiddish: Di Rob (H. Rosenblatt) 9:44 Read by Joseph Finkberg