Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Read by Judy Bieber

(4.5 stars; 154 reviews)

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz was the fourth of 14 Oz books written by L. Frank Baum (1856-1919). Published in 1908, while Baum was resident in Coronado, California, it is considered one of the “darker” of the Oz tales. However, it also is enlivened by Baum’s considerable wit, penchant for puns, and dry social commentary. In this title, Dorothy, her kitten Eureka, Jim, a cab horse, and Zeb, a ranch hand, descend into the earth through a rift opened by an earthquake. There they encounter the “humbug” wizard who once ruled Oz. In their journey back to the earth’s surface, they meet a number of potentially dangerous magical peoples and creatures including the cold-blooded Mangaboos, invisible bears, the flying wooden Gargoyles, a den of dragonettes, and an eccentric inventor. With a little help from Ozma, the group end up in Oz where they are treated to feasts and celebrations. The animals end up humbled by a few of their experiences in Oz, where all animals can talk, and return home a little wiser. (Summary by Judy Bieber) (4 hr 15 min)


Ch. 1 - The Earthquake 14:29 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 2 - The Glass City 18:48 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 3 - The Arrival of the Wizard 15:34 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 4 - The Vegetable Kingdom 11:48 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 5 - Dorothy picks the Princess 13:16 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 6 - The Mangaboos Prove Dangerous 11:07 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 7 - Into the Black Pit and Out Again 7:39 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 8 - The Valley of Voices 10:39 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 9 - They Fight the Invisible Bears 15:59 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 10 - The Braided Man 9:57 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 11 - They Meet the Wooden Gargoyles 13:40 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 12 - A Wonderful Escape 15:24 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 13 - The Den of the Dragonettes 12:22 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 14 - Ozma Uses the Magic Belt 15:27 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 15 - Old Friends are Reunited 17:10 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 16 - Jim the Cab Horse 13:17 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 17 - The Nine Tiny Piglets 13:38 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 18 - The Trial of Eureka 9:01 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 19 - The Wizard Performs Another Trick 11:29 Read by Judy Bieber
Ch. 20 - Zeb Returns to the Ranch 5:00 Read by Judy Bieber



(5 stars)

Best oz book and is packed with adventure

good book great reading

(4 stars)

The reading of this book was perfect for what I wanted: even tone and pleassnt to help me relax. The book itself was not my favorite as the author made some choices that I thought contradict his prevous texts. All in all glad to have listened and would recommend.

Another OZ story

(4 stars)

This is a story which lets people know that OZ can be a dangerous place just like real life. The reader has a pleasant voice and keeps the story moving. Maybe one day Disney or DreamWorks will pick up on some of the other OZ stories.

great and excellent

(5 stars)

i love this book because it is so imaginative. my favourite character is dorothy because she is in every is the best book I have ever heard in my life. i can not stop telling you how much I love it. 😊😊😊😁🤩😍.i listen to it every night and now I just want to say thank you for telling this story. also can you tell some more amazing stories to kids because i think nearly every kid in the world love this story.

Interesting book

(4 stars)

The reader was very clear but emotionless. The book had lots of odd creatures as expected. There may be a little more peril in this book compared to other OZ books.


(5 stars)

good book nicely read. not really sure I'd let young ones listen to or read these. sure alot of killing, or talking about killing.

Lacking continuity with tge previous story.

(3 stars)

it's s good story on it's own. Unfortunately it is not consistent with the previous story. In the previous story we learned that the wizard had kidnapped Princess Ozma and caused Mombi to hide her. In this story, he's portrayed as a good guy who had nothing to do with that. However, the reader was very good, smd once you decide to accept this new version of the history, it's an enjoyable story.

Good reader, lovely story

(5 stars)

I am really enjoying listening to this series of books that I never had the opportunity to read before I lost my eyesight. It was great to have a story with the wizard and Dorothy The reader was fine and well paced. All in all very much worth the time,