Elsie Dinsmore

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Elsie, young and motherless, has never met her father and is being raised by her father's family. As a strong Christian, she has many trials within the unbelieving family. Her greatest comforts are her faith and her mammy, Chloe. Finally, her father returns home. Will her father love her? Will her father learn to love Jesus? (Summary by Tricia G)

Next book in series: Holidays at Roselands

(7 hr 21 min)


01 - Chapter First 26:28 Read by Robin
02 - Chapter Second, Part 1 16:16 Read by Robin
03 - Chapter Second, Part 2 22:02 Read by Robin
04 - Chapter Third 33:12 Read by TriciaG
05 - Chapter Fourth, Part 1 20:47 Read by Robin
06 - Chapter Fourth, Part 2 19:38 Read by Robin
07 - Chapter Fourth, Part 3 25:18 Read by Robin
08 - Chapter Fifth 24:35 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
09 - Chapter Sixth 30:52 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
10 - Chapter Seventh 26:29 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
11 - Chapter Eighth 22:25 Read by mjbrichant
12 - Chapter Ninth 29:41 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
13 - Chapter Tenth 23:55 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
14 - Chapter Eleventh 10:09 Read by Heidi Will
15 - Chapter Twelfth 37:45 Read by Kalynda
16 - Chapter Thirteenth 21:29 Read by joi
17 - Chapter Fourteenth 25:42 Read by Heidi Will
18 - Chapter Fifteenth 24:49 Read by Kalynda


Touching! very sweet

(5 stars)

Sweet story that leaves you longing for the next book!!!

Amanda broken heart church in love

(5 stars)

It was sad at first but I loved it at the end just so true the speakers we're good there was something that could've been more louder but enough to clear but I understood it all warmed my heart of points but it brought me down at points as well I cry every time I get into it because it's filled with love and joy in God's word but those scenes that are heartbroken that are very sad they hurt me so no one should feel the pain but it's my life story half the time only I don't expect it from my father I'll never have he's never going to change and probably will die not loving me but or his other kids but I don't care it's my mother that I do care and rest up father and my half-sister and half-brother that her urine for their love and their support and their happiness but most of all I'll do I wish also I wish for them to love God and want to be in God's life and one garden and there's I have afraid they might be going to hell because they do not love did you not love God even if they say they do they don't I don't know what happened but distal sorry my phone likes to have things in there that don't make sense but just to clarify they say they believe in God but they really truly don't where else they would go to church and love him fully and actually pray instead of saying oh I pray when I go to bed and then treating my husband was such disrespect oh do I earn away earn for their love and support and their kindness towards my husband only only I can get them to want to be close to God again and wants his love and his arms and I have them ask for forgiveness I know he would do that for them oh that is why I love this book so this book is me I'm Elsie and I hope people enjoy it as much as I have but make sure you have a box of Kleenex or he will need it he would definitely need a box of Kleenex this is a tearjerker one I would recommend to all to read for not only does it have God's words and God's loving advice but it's so sensitive so caring so loving yes it's romantic but it's mostly filled with love and joy a family

Not Impressed

(0.5 stars)

Update: just finished listening to the whole book. Most of the readers did a good job. This book is horrid. Elsie is *perfect*. She has no character flaws, but yet she is being constantly punished for mistakes or things she didn't do. She is supposed to be eight, but she acts much older. She quotes scripture for everything as if she's an adult preaching a sermon. The type of abuse she has to endure leaves me wondering, "why did they make this up for a children's book?" I tried listening to the first few chapters. The reader was good, I could understand her. The book was what I wasn't impressed with. Elsie is too perfect for a little girl living in a situation where she is hated by almost everyone living with her. I soon got exasperated and gave up. I can't sympathize with a main character who never makes mistakes ... It's very unrealistic.

(3.5 stars)

I tried this book but it was to fast , to unclear and I couldn’t fall asleep to it - other then that it was a great and interesting story. 🙂


(4.5 stars)

I love it though there are a few bad readers. This one only has one.

good book

(5 stars)

Great book, kinda annoys me HOW PERFECT Elsie is tho... XD


(5 stars)

this author is even better than Grace Livingston Hill 😇

(5 stars)

I loved I just wished you had Elsie’s holiday