Elsie Dinsmore

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(4.5 stars; 98 reviews)

Elsie, young and motherless, has never met her father and is being raised by her father's family. As a strong Christian, she has many trials within the unbelieving family. Her greatest comforts are her faith and her mammy, Chloe. Finally, her father returns home. Will her father love her? Will her father learn to love Jesus? (Summary by Tricia G)

Next book in series: Holidays at Roselands

(7 hr 21 min)


01 - Chapter First 26:28 Read by Robin
02 - Chapter Second, Part 1 16:16 Read by Robin
03 - Chapter Second, Part 2 22:02 Read by Robin
04 - Chapter Third 33:12 Read by TriciaG
05 - Chapter Fourth, Part 1 20:47 Read by Robin
06 - Chapter Fourth, Part 2 19:38 Read by Robin
07 - Chapter Fourth, Part 3 25:18 Read by Robin
08 - Chapter Fifth 24:35 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
09 - Chapter Sixth 30:52 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
10 - Chapter Seventh 26:29 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
11 - Chapter Eighth 22:25 Read by mjbrichant
12 - Chapter Ninth 29:41 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
13 - Chapter Tenth 23:55 Read by Sarah Gutierrez
14 - Chapter Eleventh 10:09 Read by Heidi Will
15 - Chapter Twelfth 37:45 Read by Kalynda
16 - Chapter Thirteenth 21:29 Read by joi
17 - Chapter Fourteenth 25:42 Read by Heidi Will
18 - Chapter Fifteenth 24:49 Read by Kalynda


Not Impressed

(0.5 stars)

Update: just finished listening to the whole book. Most of the readers did a good job. Elsie is *perfect*. She is few character flaws, but yet she is being constantly punished for mistakes or things she didn't do. She is supposed to be eight, but she acts much older. She quotes scripture for everything as if she's an adult preaching a sermon. The type of abuse she has to endure leaves me wondering, "Why did the author make this up for a children's book?"

Touching! very sweet

(5 stars)

Sweet story that leaves you longing for the next book!!!

Elsie is a Christian role model for girls

(5 stars)

We just finished this book for the second time. The way Elsie overcomes her many challenges through faith in Jesus Christ and trust in His power to save is inspiring to me and my girls. We love the scriptural quotations throughout the book. I suppose most girls of Elsie's age might not know the Bible as well as she does, but that doesn't spoil the story for us at all; it just makes me want to know and love the scriptures better myself. Thank you to all the readers for making this audiobook accessible to us. May God bless you for your kind service!

(5 stars)

I am 10 and I love this book!I am reading all the books in the series for the 3rd time! Interesting and a good read for bedtime and any other time!

(3.5 stars)

I tried this book but it was to fast , to unclear and I couldn’t fall asleep to it - other then that it was a great and interesting story. 🙂

Too fast and inaudible

(2 stars)

Unfortunately wasn't able to proceed past Chapter 1, as the reading is much too fast, fuzzy and too poor quality to understand.

great book ,very sweet.

(5 stars)

I am reading all of the books in the series for the third time ! Very sweet.


(4.5 stars)

I love it though there are a few bad readers. This one only has one.