The Virginian

Read by MichelleHarris

(4.5 stars; 217 reviews)

Ostensibly a love story, the novel really revolves around a highly mythologized version of the Johnson County War in 1890's Wyoming ... The novel takes the side of the large ranchers, and depicts the lynchings as frontier justice, meted out by the protagonist, who is a member of a natural aristocracy among men.
(from Wikipedia) (14 hr 30 min)


01 - To Theodore Roosevelt; To the Reader; Ch 01 - Enter the Man 19:07 Read by MichelleHarris
02 - Ch 02 - "When You Call Me That, Smile!" 37:18 Read by MichelleHarris
03 - Ch 03 - Steve Treats 20:03 Read by MichelleHarris
04 - Ch 04 - Deep into Cattle Land; Ch 05 - Enter the Woman 37:25 Read by MichelleHarris
05 - Ch 06 - Em'ly 33:55 Read by MichelleHarris
06 - Ch 07 - Through Two Snows; Ch 08 - The Sincere Spinster; Ch 09 - The Spins… 35:46 Read by MichelleHarris
07 - Ch 10 - Where Fancy Was Bred 25:43 Read by MichelleHarris
08 - Ch 11 - "You're Going To Love Me Before We Get Through" 22:10 Read by MichelleHarris
09 - Ch 12 - Quality and Equality; Ch 13 - The Game and the Nation - Act First 34:12 Read by MichelleHarris
10 - Ch 14 - Between the Acts; Ch 15 - The Game and the Nation - Act Second 27:36 Read by MichelleHarris
11 - Ch 16 - The Game and the Nation - Last Act 49:11 Read by MichelleHarris
12 - Ch 17 - Scipio Moralizes; Ch 18 - "Would You Be a Parson?" 32:34 Read by MichelleHarris
13 - Ch 19 - Dr. MacBride Begs Pardon; Ch 20 - The Judge Ignores Particulars 21:38 Read by MichelleHarris
14 - Ch 21 - In a State of Sin 29:58 Read by MichelleHarris
15 - Ch 22 - "What is a Rustler?" 19:28 Read by MichelleHarris
16 - Ch 23 - Various Points; Ch 24 - A Letter With a Moral 29:36 Read by MichelleHarris
17 - Ch 25 - Progress of the Lost Dog 28:35 Read by MichelleHarris
18 - Ch 26 - Balaam and Pedro 37:28 Read by MichelleHarris
19 - Ch 27 - Grandmother Stark (Part 1) 34:50 Read by MichelleHarris
20 - Ch 27 - Grandmother Stark (Part 2) 32:34 Read by MichelleHarris
21 - Ch 28 - No Dream to Wake From; Ch 29 - Word to Bennington 34:37 Read by MichelleHarris
22 - Ch 30 - A Stable on the Flat; Ch 31 - The Cottonwoods 47:10 Read by MichelleHarris
23 - Ch 32 - Superstition Trail 37:17 Read by MichelleHarris
24 - Ch 33 - The Spinster Loses Some Sleep; Ch 34 - "To Fit Her Finger" 37:40 Read by MichelleHarris
25 - Ch 35 - With Malice Aforethought (Part 1) 28:06 Read by MichelleHarris
26 - Ch 35 - With Malice Aforethought (Part 2) 38:18 Read by MichelleHarris
27 - Ch 36 - At Dunbarton 37:49 Read by MichelleHarris



(5 stars)

A real western, not just a shoot-em-up. I wonder if Gary Cooper and James Drury ever read it. I promise that you will enjoy it. Shame on the one who complained about the woman reader; she did a superlative job.

One of my all time favorites

(5 stars)

There is no need for me to reiterate all of the information contained in many of the well written reviews of the other readers who enjoyed this book as well so let me just say that I so enjoyed this book I wished it would not end. Adventure, honor, humor and a wounderful love story all wrapped into one incredible tale. The only thing that made this book any better was the warn voice and sensativity of the narrator. My only wish is that this author had written more of this type of literature in the form of a long tail and not just his other short stories of the west.

Pretty Good

(4 stars)

The reading is pretty good. I've enjoyed listening to it so far. I was a bit confused for a bit and thought chapters were missing but they were really just put together in the same recordings.

(4.5 stars)

This is my most favourite book reading. Michelle Harris makes it come alive.

very enjoyable

(4 stars)

This was my first listen to a book I have read several times. The story is wonderful, and the reader was engaging. I had a great time listening. I grew up many of the places in this book. I wish I could correct some pronunciations of the place names.


(5 stars)

This is a brilliant rendition of the classic novel about life and ranching in 19th century big country, but it's the narration that really brings out the best of the book. The reading is brilliant, and I will look for more from this reader.

Listen to this book!

(5 stars)

It is a great book. Loved it and loved the reader! She gave the main character a soft drawl that gave the listen a distinct interest. It’s not like a Louis L’Amour but in my books very good!

a little sappy, but good

(4 stars)

beautiful descriptions of a bygone land and era. the plot and some of the narrative and characters are pretty romance novel-esque at times, but there is enough original thought and inventive language to keep it interesting.