The Way of Peace

Read by Andrea Fiore

(4.6 stars; 168 reviews)

The Way of Peace is your guide to the power of meditation; self and truth; the acquirement of spiritual power; the realization of selfless love; entering into the infinite; saints, sages, and saviors; the law of service; and the realization of perfect peace. (Summary by Andrea Fiore)

(2 hr 5 min)


The Power of Meditation 21:12 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Two Masters, Self and Truth 20:31 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Acquirement of Spiritual Power 12:24 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Realization of Selfless Love 23:32 Read by Andrea Fiore
Entering into the Infinite 17:53 Read by Andrea Fiore
Saints, Sages, and Saviors; the Law of Service 19:22 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Realization of Perfect Peace 10:44 Read by Andrea Fiore



(5 stars)

James Allen's 'As A Man Thinketh' was recommended by our Beloved Guruji - Kamlesh Patel @

(5 stars)

I loved it. Reader is so good. I heard many other books read by the same reader andi just love her voice. Oh! and the book i s good too.

I hated it

(1 stars)

This was absolutely engrossed by religion. No thanks.

Spiritual Genius

(5 stars)

Someday, after perhaps a thousand listenings, Mr. James Allen's spiritual insight will fill my mind and refresh my soul that I will know myself and God as one.

this is great work..James Allen knew for he saw God.

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

i wush all wiuld find the way to this book!!

Thumbs up

(5 stars)

There is self and truth.. This book is the truth and you're selfish if you don't understand it. Good read... And listen

(4 stars)

This is good information. It's speaks of the path i'm on, thanks.