The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (version 2)

Read by John W. Michaels

(4.5 stars; 849 reviews)

The curious Case of Benjamin Button, a 1921 short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, now a major motion picture, features Benjamin Button, who, born as an old man much to the dismay and chagrin of his father and family Doctor, ages backwards until he leaves this world as a newborn. (Summary by Mike Vendetti) (1 hr 0 min)


Section 1 40:41 Read by John W. Michaels
Section 2 20:00 Read by John W. Michaels


2 words. Awesome read

(5 stars)

I really liked the story and Mike's style. it's comic when Benjamin becomes kids, I loved the tone and pace. awesome read. Mike I'm gonna browse all of your solo readings

download this.

(5 stars)

This is a comfy book to listen to when you don't have a lot of time. (only an hour). BUT It's so his! Mr. Mike's delivery is the perfect voice for Benjamin Button. It has a note of humor mixed with matter-of-factness. now off to find a couple more works by this reader.

Good recording, reads kind of fast

(4 stars)

The chapter titles kind of blend into the text, and for a short story the words could be lingered over a bit more than they are. Otherwise, quite a good recording sound quality wise, and good voice acting that doesn't get in the way of the story.

loved it

(5 stars)

came across this book by accident. the movie didn't look interesting to me and I didn't see it, but I got curious about this story. I absolutely loved it. so interesting witty and well written.totally entertaining. the narrator was perfection. kudos. take a listen. :)

A superbly read, intriguing story!

(5 stars)

Really loved listening to this - the reader has a wonderful, relaxing voice. The Curious Case of B.B. is an entertaining book, with a very original plot; I'd like to see the movie now to see how it compares!


(5 stars)

Great reading of an intetesting story. Out of the 30 or so books I've listened to on librivox John is the best reader I've heard so far. This reading is as good as a professional recording.

Wonderful Reader

(3.5 stars)

I was always curious about this story as I knew the premise. It is entertaining but leaves many questions unanswered. The reader makes the experience completely worth the time spent listening.


(5 stars)

This was such a strange and wonderful story! I've seen the movie, but the book is really good! I listened to it in one go. The narrator did a fantastic job!