Operation Terror

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 366 reviews)

An unidentified space ship lands in a Colorado lake. Equipped with a paralyzing ray weapon, the creatures begin taking human prisoners. A lone land surveyor and a journalist are trapped inside the Army cordon, which is helpless against the mysterious enemy. Can they stop the aliens before it is too late? (Summary by Mark Nelson)

(5 hr 15 min)


Chapter 01 34:00 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 02 36:03 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 03 42:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 04 27:43 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 05 21:40 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 06 30:07 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 07 29:42 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 08 40:42 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 09 19:44 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 34:14 Read by Mark Nelson


Delightful Cold War Tale

(5 stars)

Excellent reader, as always. Engaging story written within the Cold War Era and with a Cold War flavor. Surprise ending.

Great reading of an old classic

(5 stars)

Murray Leinster was a classic science fiction writer with great craft. In this classic reading by Mark Nelson, we can see him at the height of his powers. More of an extended short story, well crafted characters facing extraordinary situations drive the narrative relentlessly forward. Mark Nelsons reading is I wonderful way to become Familia with the classic age of science fiction. I can listen to his voice all day, and he has captured the Eire

(3 stars)

The story was overly long due to the constant repition of the love story sub theme. The story is written as though it was prepared for serialization; allowing for a long period between broadcast of chapters. This approach foes not work for me. The narrator, as usual, is very good. He earned all the stars I have to this audio book.

kept me guessing

(5 stars)

Great story! I couldn’t put it down. I thought I had it figured out but still had a surprise at the end. As always Mark Nelson is a five star reader

(4 stars)

Good Book. Good Reader! Not as far out as I thought it was gon be, but still kept me interested enough to see how it played out.

(5 stars)

Great reader, as always. One has to really get past the macho writing at the time, but the story is all right.

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(5 stars)

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(5 stars)

awesome story. and great narration. thankfully only one reader. hopefully libravox will vontinue that trend