Mary Queen of Scots

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(4.4 stars; 213 reviews)

There are certain names which are familiar, as names, to all mankind; and every person who seeks for any degree of mental cultivation, feels desirous of informing himself of the leading outlines of their history, that he may know, in brief, what it was in their characters or their doings which has given them so widely-extended a fame. Consequently, great historical names alone are selected; and it has been the writer's aim to present the prominent and leading traits in their characters, and all the important events in their lives, in a bold and free manner, and yet in the plain and simple language which is so obviously required in works which aim at permanent and practical usefulness. This volume is dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots. (Summary from the preface of the book) (5 hr 6 min)


Mary's Childhood 27:38 Read by Fr. Richard Zeile of Detroit
Her Education in France 24:13 Read by Laura Caldwell
The Great Wedding 21:46 Read by Sibella Denton
Misfortunes 30:20 Read by Carol Stripling
Return to Scotland 24:50 Read by Katie Riley
Mary and Lord Darnley 30:51 Read by Ernst Pattynama
Rizzio 23:51 Read by Katie Riley
Bothwell 27:36 Read by Sibella Denton
The Fall of Bothwell 21:26 Read by Sibella Denton
Loch Leven Castle 22:53 Read by Sibella Denton
The Long Captivity 19:13 Read by nfmallory
The End 32:07 Read by Alana Jordan


(4 stars)

I have really enjoyed the book, but Ch 8 Bothwell, skipped during the entire chapter, which made it very annoying!! I would have given it 5 stars had it not been for the loss of that whole chapter.

(4 stars)

At the beginning of the book, the author said that Mary “had a sad and sorrowful life.” At first, having watched the TV show Reign, I found myself thinking that her life was unfortunate, but it couldn’t have been all be that bad. At the end of the book, I found myself saying what a sad and sorrowful life.” I’m not usually into biographies, but I pleasantly enjoyed this short book.

good listen well written

(5 stars)

very good I enjoyed the book. I wish the sound quality was better for chapter 11 and chapter 12 is a lot better than chapter 11 but still not to the level of the first 10 chapters. I would recommend this though it's very good

worth while

(4 stars)

I agree with the other reviews. A good listen. Kept my attention through the end. Chapter 11 is hard to hear but not impossible. There is a distractive echo in chapter 11. But otherwise nice book. Cheers

A Brief Biography

(3 stars)

This is an brief, no frills biography of Mary Queen of Scots life and death. Chapter 5 and 11 are poorly recorded and at times difficult to understand.

Children's level Bio

(3.5 stars)

Not much going for it as literature, but alright as a young persons entry level biography of Mary Stewart. Sound quality is tenuous at times but acceptable.

(5 stars)

This is a great narrative of the life of Mary Stewart, Mary Queen of Scots. The eleventh chapter is harder to hear. There is much feedback in the recording.

(3 stars)

chapter 11 should be thrown out and re done. how dose this make it. dose any one listen to the chapters before putting it in the final complete book...