Supreme Personality

Read by Andrea Fiore

(4.4 stars; 90 reviews)

Life is self-realization. Every birth is divine. We are born anew every morning. My wish is that you may catch the gleam, be freed from limitations and enter upon your boundless possibilities. To bring you into the throne-room of your being, that you may awaken in self-realization, is why I have prepared this course of lessons. Should you give five minutes a day to them, in a year you will know the joy there is in Life, in Power, and in Service. (from the text)

(2 hr 2 min)


Foreword 2:27 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Control of Conditions 23:23 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Control of Age 12:18 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Daily-Life Method 14:59 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Supreme Law of Success 14:13 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Body Building Method 6:35 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Law of Internal Vibration 9:30 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Method of Mental Healing 8:33 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Power of Magnetism 9:29 Read by Andrea Fiore
Supreme Law of Telepathy 21:14 Read by Andrea Fiore


(4 stars)

as my opinion even in the first chapter this book absloutely amazing as its teach u to accept yourself...

a tool to change you mindset little by little

(5 stars)


(0.5 stars)

A few good words... but a lot of hogwash. Thank you to Andrea Fiore for all the reading she has done... and for reading this one.

Awesome. Very inspirational. daily listening suggested.

(5 stars)

(3 stars)

Although this has alot of positive thinking, I found it a little hard to follow at times as it bounced all over the place.


(4 stars)

Probably the most relaxing and soothing book I've listened to.

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(5 stars)

enjoyed this immensely~

(5 stars)

i dont know if it is my opinion or my ego but there was a few times when i thought that i completely did not agree with what was being said. For the most part this seemed like intense spirtual beautiful advice~*~ of course i would suggest listening to this at least once ~! :)