The Shepherd of the Hills

Read by Emily Jarmard

(4.9 stars; 316 reviews)

The story depicts the lives of mountain people living in the Ozarks and the mystery surrounding an old man called 'The Shepherd of the Hills,' who's called Dad Howitt. The backdrop storyline surrounds the pretty Samantha Lane, called Sammy, and her love of Young Matt, Grant Matthews. The shepherd, an elderly, mysterious, learned man, escapes the buzzing restlessness of the city to live in the backwoods neighborhood of Mutton Hollow in the Ozark hills. (Summary by Wikipedia) (8 hr 6 min)


01 - Inscriptions and Chapter 1 11:30 Read by Emily Jarmard
02 - Chapters 2 and 3 19:00 Read by Emily Jarmard
03 - Chapters 4 and 5 27:09 Read by Emily Jarmard
04 - Chapters 6 and 7 30:58 Read by Emily Jarmard
05 - Chapters 8 and 9 18:15 Read by Emily Jarmard
06 - Chapters 10 and 11 24:30 Read by Emily Jarmard
07 - Chapters 12 and 13 28:56 Read by Emily Jarmard
08 - Chapters 14 and 15 28:57 Read by Emily Jarmard
09 - Chapters 16 and 17 28:42 Read by Emily Jarmard
10 - Chapters 18 and 19 11:10 Read by Emily Jarmard
11 - Chapters 20 and 21 16:31 Read by Emily Jarmard
12 - Chapters 22 and 23 22:07 Read by Emily Jarmard
13 - Chapters 24 and 25 23:34 Read by Emily Jarmard
14 - Chapters 26 and 27 23:17 Read by Emily Jarmard
15 - Chapters 28 and 29 16:42 Read by Emily Jarmard
16 - Chapters 30 and 31 14:45 Read by Emily Jarmard
17 - Chapters 32 and 33 19:07 Read by Emily Jarmard
18 - Chapters 34 and 35 23:51 Read by Emily Jarmard
19 - Chapters 36 and 37 25:02 Read by Emily Jarmard
20 - Chapters 38 and 39 21:22 Read by Emily Jarmard
21 - Chapters 40 and 41 22:08 Read by Emily Jarmard
22 - Chapters 42 and 43 11:12 Read by Emily Jarmard
23 - Chapters 44 and 45 17:41 Read by Emily Jarmard


fantastic story of family & neighbors

(5 stars)

the reader did a wonderful job! the best volume, pausing, pronunciation ever! she read with great feeling and character. the story is about family and neighbors who treat each other like family. a great read for men or woman, something for everyone with romance bank robbery guns animals and mystery. you may end up reading it twice! because once all the mysteries are cleared, reading it a second time will give you such a deeper appreciation for the storyline. this is not a far fetched fairytale, but something easy to hear and imagine.

(5 stars)

What a wonderful story. I do believe it is the best I have ever heard. and the lady telling the story was fabulous. ..Thank you.

Outstanding work!

(5 stars)

I would recommend this in a heartbeat. The story is excellent. It encompasses both the beauty of nature and the human soul. The mystery of the haunted cabin, the spark between Sammy and Matt, the mysterious shepherd, and the outlaw Bald-nobbers all make for a compelling tale. The reader is fantastic and really makes the story come alive with her gentle and soothing voice.

the shepherd of the hills

(5 stars)

Wonderful story. The narrator did an excellent job of reading the with feeling and expression. I especially liked the way she managed the dialogue of all the different characters. I listened to it at night before I went to sleep and it was ideal for that as it was a beautiful, calm story.

Shepherd of the Hills

(5 stars)

A beautiful recording. Emily's voice is so sweet, soft, and well paced. To tell the truth, the reading is better than the material -- which is pretty good in itself. I'll be looking for more of her work. TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

(5 stars)

There are no books so great as these old classics. They show us a wealth of outstanding character. To live as these characters lived would be a great thing to strive for in today's world.

Will listen to again

(5 stars)

This is a beautiful book. The author makes the listener see clearly the mountains, valleys and the people of Mutton Holler. The reader is superb.

(5 stars)

Loved, loved it! Went to the play and then I read puts my mind back there and so I just visualize it. Emily did awesome at reading it.