The Money Moon: A Romance

Read by John Lieder

(4.8 stars; 97 reviews)

The Money Moon is a light-hearted romance. Jilted in love, our American millionaire hero, George Bellow, takes a walking tour of the Kent countryside to overcome the “Haunting Spectre of the Might Have Been”. Along the way he makes friends with a young boy out to discover a fortune to save his Aunt Anthea from having to sell the family estate and George discovers his ideal “Arcadia” and true love. (Summary by John Lieder) (6 hr 58 min)


01 - Chapter I 2:21 Read by John Lieder
02 - Chapter II 9:08 Read by John Lieder
03 - Chapter III 14:15 Read by John Lieder
04 - Chapter IV 9:58 Read by John Lieder
05 - Chapter V 16:49 Read by John Lieder
06 - Chapter VI 8:09 Read by John Lieder
07 - Chapter VII 19:20 Read by John Lieder
08 - Chapter VIII 15:41 Read by John Lieder
09 - Chapter IX 16:56 Read by John Lieder
10 - Chapter X 12:37 Read by John Lieder
11 - Chapter XI 24:01 Read by John Lieder
12 - Chapter XII 31:41 Read by John Lieder
13 - Chapter XIII 12:06 Read by John Lieder
14 - Chapter XIV 31:09 Read by John Lieder
15 - Chapter XV 9:29 Read by John Lieder
16 - Chapter XVI 6:24 Read by John Lieder
17 - Chapter XVII 13:17 Read by John Lieder
18 - Chapter XVIII 8:10 Read by John Lieder
19 - Chapter XIX 17:14 Read by John Lieder
20 - Chapter XX 5:42 Read by John Lieder
21 - Chapter XXI 15:12 Read by John Lieder
22 - Chapter XXII 7:01 Read by John Lieder
23 - Chapter XXIII 5:14 Read by John Lieder
24 - Chapter XXIV 12:50 Read by John Lieder
25 - Chapter XXV 6:25 Read by John Lieder
26 - Chapter XXVI 13:45 Read by John Lieder
27 - Chapter XXVII 9:10 Read by John Lieder
28 - Chapter XXVIII 6:33 Read by John Lieder
29 - Chapter XXIX 7:41 Read by John Lieder
30 - Chapter XXX 12:28 Read by John Lieder
31 - Chapter XXXI 37:40 Read by John Lieder


Great lighthearted romance

(5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed this audio book. Rejected in love, the incredibly rich (but appropriately modest) George Bellow walks into a small English village populated with a cast of most interesting people, from the ramrod straight old Major who can't seem to get beyond talking of peaches with the apple of his eye, to the smarmy Mr. Cassilis who seems to think that the beautiful Anthea (and her farm at Dapplemere) can be had for the asking - if only he asks often enough. And then there is Anthea -- a lovely woman, caring for those around here though full of cares herself and too proud to accept help from anyone. The characters are engaging and well drawn - and the mix and interplay of people made this a very fun book to listen to. This is a solo recording by John Lieder and he does an excellent job crafting voices for the inhabitants of Mr. Bellow's Arcadia. He's easy to listen to and adds a spark to this lovely story.

A Hero Who Can Cry

(5 stars)

As an American who has been labeled one of "America's Heroes" (a handle which is hard to handle) I loved this little story of love, truth and the faith of a little child. I must say that it was so sweet that I cried. Of course a "hero" never cries out loud but only in his/her heart. I would recommend it for everyone who has a heart and, I believe we all do but, as was shown in this little story, it may be difficult for us to admit it. But the reader was excellent as well as the story, and may God bless him for giving his time and talent for the benefit of others.

Romantic Comedy in the Best Sense

(5 stars)

I concur with the other reviewers. This book made me laugh out loud a couple times, and was very tender while not being sappy. A very enjoyable story! And the reader is excellent. I'm glad I took the other reviewers' opinions and listened for myself. :)


(4.5 stars)

I echo all said… in addition, the turn of phrase, use of our language so pleasant, genuine people who live in small villages as i have lived in England is so heartwarming… combination of various ages who see things differently, skip into a beneficial meeting ground …true values…a-lovely story

Likable characters, fairytale romance, not deep

(4 stars)

Diverting romance with fun, funky characters that doesn’t scratch much beneath the surface. Still, a nice, simple distraction from the end of the world as we know it. Heh.

(5 stars)

What a great story even though you can figure out the ending easy enough. The narrator drew me right in. I look forward to listening to more stories read by him.

A wonderful story and recording

(5 stars)

Such a sweet, funny tale about money, work, friendship and romance. The reader does a delightful job, and the characters are charming and unforgettable. Highly reccomended.

A great book

(5 stars)

The reader did a great job impersonating the various characters of the book! I had forgotten how funny this book was and the reader only enhanced this!