The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry

Read by Peter Yearsley

(4.4 stars; 48 reviews)

A light journey through the history of chemistry, from its start in the obscure mysteries of alchemy to what was, for the author, the cutting edge of the development of modern atomic theory ... and whose developing blind ends we can now see with the advantage of hind sight. (Summary by Peter Yearsley) (5 hr 11 min)


Good book, good recording

(4 stars)

I had never heard of this book before and enjoyed it a lot. If you're interested in the history of pseudoscience and real science, it's fascinating and offers insight into why people believe absurd things. I found parts of it a little repetitive, however. The British-sounding male reader has a nice voice and gives a fine, listenable reading. My only complaint is that, when reading silly quotations from self-proclaimed alchemists, he sometimes exaggerates their silliness. But that's a matter of taste and no doubt other listeners will find it delightful.

Classic Treasure

(5 stars)

worth a listen and a ponder.


(5 stars)

Just amazing, love the new knowledge.

Good book and recording

(5 stars)

Really enjoyed it

(5 stars)

Very well written, and beautifully read!!