Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Read by Peter Eastman

(3.7 stars; 13 reviews)

When he is seven days old, Peter Pan flies away from his mother (forgetting that he is no longer a bird and therefore cannot fly), comes to live in Kensington Gardens, and acquires a goat. (Summary by Peter Eastman) (2 hr 25 min)


The Grand Tour of the Gardens 20:04 Read by Peter Eastman
Peter Pan 20:39 Read by Peter Eastman
The Thrush's Nest 21:27 Read by Peter Eastman
Lock-Out Time 25:39 Read by Peter Eastman
The Little House 36:39 Read by Peter Eastman
Peter's Goat 20:33 Read by Peter Eastman



(5 stars)

Can't see why this is getting bad reviews. Lovely story and wonderful reading.

(3.5 stars)

nice extension of the classic story

Mechanically Read

(2 stars)

I appreciate the time this reader dedicated to recording an audio copy of the book. However, I found his particular style to be mechanical and over-pronounced, as though he were reading into transcription software in hopes it will not misunderstand a single syllable of text. Again, I am grateful for the donation of his time, but I do hope some one else will also contribute a more fluidly-read recording of this classic story.

bum bum cheeeeeeese

(1.5 stars)

Wads as good as there last one hey mommy con I haven some cageeeeese?